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Cell Phone Addiction is Contagious Because a New Study Says So!

Cell Phone Addiction is Contagious Because a New Study Says So!

The results of yet another study have been released, and they state that it’s feasible for you to be addicted to your cell phone. I say the idea is preposterous but clearly these folks say otherwise.


According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, people are more likely to give in to peer pressure when it comes to cell phone use. If you’re around others who constantly use their cell phone, chances are relatively high that you’re also going to get out your device.

NO! Really?!

To conduct the study, researchers watched groups of students and documented their cell phone use every 10 seconds. Apparently, students were on their phone 24% of the time while they were with a friend. In addition, researchers discovered that it’s 39.5% more likely that one of those students would use their phone after someone nearby had done so, as well.

Maybe these guys genuinely believe they’re breaking boundaries, but I don’t. I could have predicted this information years ago.

If you see someone pull out their cell phone, and they stop interacting with you, obviously you’re going to get bored and pull out your own phone to entertain yourself. It’s basic logic really.

Maybe, just maybe, the real zombie plague here is the modern cell phone [cue the evil music]! Cell phones turn millions of people into stumbling, bumbling idiots all throughout the day. Let’s not even get started on the folks who walk around with a Bluetooth attached to their ear while seemingly conversing with everyone around them.

Pretty scary stuff! I once read a Stephen King book where the cell phones emitted an inaudible signal that turned everyone into zombies and they… wait, I got distracted again, didn’t I?

Apparently, teenagers and younger adults are more susceptible to the mobile oriented peer pressure. Researchers identified that the results are much different in adults because they don’t use their phones as often.

In other words, the research shows that cell phone use is highly contagious, but more so amongst young adults. What are these "scientists" getting paid for again?

Somebody should elect these guys to become rocket scientists because they’re smart! Wait no, maybe brain scientists would be a better idea because we could always use more of those.

Check the source link if you’d like to see the results of the study yourself. This material was published in Volume 27, of the Human Ethology Bulletin.

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  • Hey, at least we'll know somebody will have their phone out already to get the apocalypse on YouTube.

  • WTF?

  • WTF!!!!! I'm on the mobile app and I just got spammed by a John Williams in the comments about a ipad mini case. Androidpit you guys should check it out.

  • The one big problem that I see with this test is that it doesn't specify at wich percentage of cellphone usage it is considered as addictive. Anyone can say that yeah they used their celphone 24 % of the time but is that percentage even so much to be considered as addictive use. what I'm getting at here is that they have a bunch of numbers but there is no standards available to compare those numbers too and definitely say that those people realy are addicted to their cellphones.

  • The debate has nothing to do with age, so while I agree that "you get wiser as you get older" I don't necessarily see why you're reeling about that.

    There's a difference between addiction, and choosing to use something often. There are countless studies like this one that do nothing to show new information. For example, this study is just confirming what we already knew. If someone else uses a cell phone nearby, you probably will too.

    Also, I appreciate you saying this is crap. Classy.

  • Not sure why I subscribed to this RSS feed on my Taptu widget. This crap always leads to a waste of time. BUT....

    "You get wiser as you get older." Any of you punks want to debate that, good luck.

    The title of this stupid article says it all, or actually the last three words "Study Says So!" (exclamation) About the most wise-ass title I've seen in the last, 48 hours!

    I'm 46. Was writing Assembler Code on an Apple IIe at age 13. Have a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII, JB 4.1.1, bla bla bla. (But, haven't replaced the headlights bulbs yet on my older model car with blue colored ones to pull the girls and impress my friends like I just leased a new Bimmer - like the 20-something author of this article.) Have a huge yard, two kids, seems like two of everything. And you know what... sometimes, many times, I wish I "had a life" outside of all the technology that surrounds me and that I have to maintain, or actually, wish the younger people around me "had a life" outside their cell phones. When I go out to dinner and see the retired couple looking at their phones more than talking to each other, then you know something just ain't right. So I agree, it isn't just one age group. But the younger generation needs to turn your sh*t off once in a while and check yourselves. The old people just learning they can do on their iPhone what they can do on their notebook at home are too far gone already.

    We are all SUCKERS. Samsung, AT&T, Best Buy Wireless are all laughing their way to the bank (as they watch their stock price on their smartphones.)

  • Mich Dec 5, 2012 Link to comment

    Sorry, can't write a better response. busy on my phone.

  • Agreed. Age is only a number.

  • I only have one part of this "study" that I disagree with, I went from an iPhone 4s to a SS galaxy 111, am on it in one way or another pretty much most of the time, ( it is my internet, phone, email, music and messaging system) and am 68 years old. Yes, I worked for AT&T wireless for years, but still... age doesn't matter.

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