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Centaurus: Microsoft wants to return to the mobile market, in style
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Centaurus: Microsoft wants to return to the mobile market, in style

Those of you who remember how confident Microsoft was in the success of its mobile platform will probably, and how that turned out, also understand why the company is still hesitant to try any kind of return to the market. But that doesn't mean that those at the Redmond campus aren't considering it.

Although we will probably never see a Surface Phone, we have not forgotten the famous project Andromeda, which promises a folding device from Microsoft in the not so distant future. Well, these days, our Windows Central colleagues have reported that the company is working on a new project, codenamed Centaurus, which started about a year ago and could see the light in 2019.

It would be a dual-screen 2-in-1 device. This would lead us back to the Andromeda project, but according to internal sources, Microsoft has very different plans for these two very ambitious programs. Specifically, Andromeda would be the first real pocket device with a double screen by Microsoft, while Centaurus would only be the first prototype that will be shown to pave the way for a possible return of the company in the mobile tablet market.

flexpai 1
Flexpai is the first folding smartphone for sale on the market. / © Royole

At the Redmond campus, they're not ready to embrace Android yet, so you're likely to find Windows Core OS on board with Centaurus. The problem will be to somehow convince developers to build applications for the Universal Windows Platform.

Windows Core OS will, therefore, be the new modern version of Windows 10, so we expect that Centaurus will probably not be too different from the latest generation of the Surface Pro. It's likely to be smaller and easily foldable, with two extremely versatile displays, one of which will seamlessly switch between tablet and computer forms.

Do you agree that Microsoft should return to the mobile sector? Let us know.


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  • Vijay 4 months ago Link to comment

    More than a failed smartphone business for me with Windows mobile Microsoft lost credibility. The same with edge browser, a lot of talk & one day they just dump it. iPhone is too expensive. I just hate google but I am not buying another Windows phone.

  • What has make Android popular, was the simplicity. The difference than windows that instead to be more users friendly, we're more complicated. In this stage, I can't see how it will convince users. Especially now that Android has and office apps

  • storm 6 months ago Link to comment

    I don't care.

    I don't see them succeeding at this point. Window 10 is a privacy nightmare stuffed with ads you have to pay for

    Their claims towards an integrated os across devices is moot. The OS doesn't matter, just the content and that is already os agnostic.

  • I would love to get back to a Windows Phone ... of ANY sort! Even though I love my Pixel 2, I REALLY loved my Lumia Icon. I held onto that sucker for 4 extra years hoping that Microsoft would sort itself out and stay with Windows Mobile ... then I had to face reality, and a dying phone, and get an Android. This Pixel 2 is great, but I would happily go back to Windows.