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chompSMS – Texting 101

chompSMS – Texting 101

Receiving a lot of SMS can be heart-warming ('gosh, all these people wanting to communicate with little old me'), it can make communicating easier or more complicated ('just pick up the phone and call me rather than sending me 500 texts!') and sometimes it can be somewhat overbearing (WHAT DO ALL OF THESE PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?!). It can be any of the above, or something entirely different, but whatever the case: a jam-packed inbox is very often confusing and frustrating.

If you’re looking to bring a bit of structure and order to your SMS jungle, read on to find out if chompSMS is possibly maybe the right app for you.


Reviewed version Latest version
5.27 7.18

Features & Use

First impressions:
chompSMS’s design is great: it’s clean, uncluttered and provides users with lots of useful features.

SMS are displayed as speech bubbles, and conversations are shown as threads. A lot of messaging services have adopted this set-up, which – I believe – was made popular by iChat (correct me if I’m wrong, I pray you).

The overview displays conversation threads rather than individual messages, allowing for a quick and easy context-based search, rather than having to comb through each text individually.

More features:

  • contact pictures
  • emoji icons
  • signatures
  • text snippets
  • passcode lock
  • blacklisting
  • scheduling
  • themes
  • customizations

What’s more, the developers offer an SMS gateway via which texts can also be sent, as an alternative to using your mobile provider’s gateway. Whether this is a viable option in terms of economising a few cents depends on the rates you get from your mobile provider.

Bottom line:
chompSMS is quite simply a great tool for SMS nay and yay sayers alike. The gateway feature may even help you save a penny here or there.


Screen & Controls

chompSMS comes with a great design: it’s neat, it’s easy to use and easy to navigate. Controls are beyond easy, and what’s more, they’re fun, too.

Speed & Stability

chompSMS is a dependable app if ever there was one: smooth, fluid and stabile.

Price/Performance Ratio

chompSMS can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. A small ad banner encouraging users to support the developers will pop up after 14 days of use.


chompSMS – Texting 101 chompSMS – Texting 101

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