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Chrome for Android update brings Android L Material Design

Google is reading their suite of apps for the imminent arrival of the Android L release: which we're expecting to drop on either Halloween or in early November. Google has been slowly rolling out the Material Design makeover to its various apps and web properties and the Chrome update for Android is the latest in a long list.

AndroidPIT Material Design teaser
I hope you like bright colors and cards, cos that's what Android is soon going to look like. © ANDROIDPIT

The Google Play Store, Gmail and other high profile Google apps have already made the leap into the brave new Material Design future. Some, like to Google Maps, are probably a slightly more technical affair, but it's nice to see Google making steady progress with the makeovers. At this rate we might have the whole Gapps suite transformed in time for Android L's release.

AndroidPIT Chrome Material Design
Bright, colorful and flat with shadows and cards. Yup, that's Material Design. © Google

Not everyone is a fan of the new Material Design guidelines, so we're expecting a healthy trade in sticking with older versions of the apps for a while. But it seems hard to imagine anyone will be able to stem the flow of colors and drop shadows for long. The Material Design dawn is approaching and drawing the blinds can only keep the color out for so long. You're better off with sunglasses.

Do you like Material Design? Are you happy to see it appearing in more and more Google apps?

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  • I want it, as soon as possible in my Note 3!!!

  • Even before Material Design was even a rumour, I've already been theming my phone with that looking i.e. icon packs that has same looks. Boy, am i excited for its release soon!

  • Even before Material Design was even a rumour, I've already been theming my phone with that looking i.e. icon packs that has same looks. Boy, am i excited for its release soon!

  • the only problem? they removed the refresh button on the textView for faster access :(

  • I got the update on Friday 9/6/14 (that's 6/9/14 in Europe) and can confirm the Google L OS overlay to the Chrome Mobile Browser is awesome ! :-)

  • Greg Sep 6, 2014 Link to comment

    What I don't like is this cavalcade of styles: a few apps already have the L look, some are well designed using the KK/JB guidelines, and there are still plenty with the "classic" 2.x look. Add TastelessWizz to the mix... and it's going to be like this forever. Unless one gets a Nexus and sticks to mostly Google apps :-(((

  • The sample image is not exactly "colorful". Welcome back CGA graphics of 1985. I hate all this dumbed down flatness started with Win 8. You can't even distinguish where one widget starts or ends and see what is clickable/active.

  • I'll already have updated. Because I like the new design very much. And there also some lags and bug fixes with the new update. It's not just because of the design.
    Please do not be that dumb and follow the herd, just because one user complaints about the new design!
    Use your brain for God's sake!

  • I like the simplicity...looks great in my eyes...waiting for your next OS (Android L), Google!

  • Just recently update it. Love the new material ui. Just put back the refresh button on adress bar

  • I really like its simplicity. Looking forward to the release of L.

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