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Clipper Plus – Manage your clipboard
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Clipper Plus – Manage your clipboard

Here's to tools that help make day to day life a tad easier. That's precisely why we love note apps, managers and clipboards.

Today let's take a closer look at Clipper Plus, one of those little tools that promises to help simplify certain things. How does it fare? Find out below.



Reviewed version Latest version 2.4.12

Features & Use

Test device: HTC One S mit Android 4.04

According to the app's developers. Clipper Plus performs on Android 3.0 and up.

Clipper Plus is a tool that allows us to enhance the functionality of the clipboard, as well as serve as a manager. The application automatically mirrors and archives the clipboard content. Frequently used texts can be saved so that they can then be copied quickly.

The app monitors the clipboard and immediately copies new content to its own internal storage, meaning content can be access here at a later point in time. Data that's of sensitive nature can also be copied without any security measure, meaning it might be wise to exercise a bit of caution here. Once a certain number of items have been save, older content can also be set to be deleted automatically.

Contents are sorted by date in the “Clipboard” list, and you can pull it onto the actual clipboard with a simple tap. Long press for more functions such as sorting or editing the content or moving it to lists (which you can set up yourself).


Aside from the clipboard list there's also a list for “Snippets” to which you can add texts, making them easy to copy and use in the future. Like other content, Snippets should be unformatted text only. Dynamic content is a really great additional element.

Bottom line:

Clipper Plus is a great little tool to help keep things organised and make them easier on the whole. Its basic function is very useful, especially if you're anything like me and tend to forget things on the clipboard and accidentally overwrite them.

Snippets help make communicating via Android that much easier. More super useful elements include the dynamic content option.



Screen & Controls

Clipper Plus impressed us in this category. The app is set up in a way that makes it ultra easy to use, with quick access to the key features. Extra options that help keep things nice and tidy are a welcome bonus. The design is both simple and to the point but still sleek.


Speed & Stability

Clipper Plus performed very nicely throughout our test runs: stabile and very smooth.


Price/Performance Ratio

Clipper Plus costs EUR 1.49 and can be found in the Play Store. A free demo version is also available but doesn't offer the same scape of functions.



Clipper Plus – Manage your clipboard Clipper Plus – Manage your clipboard Clipper Plus – Manage your clipboard

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