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ClockSync – Synchronise Watches!
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ClockSync – Synchronise Watches!

The early bird catches the worm, and the tardy bird, well, he gets diddly squat. But what’s bird or foul to do when clocks on Android devices aren’t as reliable as we’d like them to be? Being right on time can prove to be especially tricky when dealing with devices that don’t have SIM cards in them, and who wants to constantly be readjusting the time? Could ClockSync be a solution? Find out in today’s review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.2.2 1.2.6

Features & Use

Test device 1: Motorola Milestone 2
Android version: 2.2
Test device 2: HTC Wildfire
Android version: 2.3.3 (CM7)
App requires: 2.2 or up
Root: recommended

ClockSync can set the time, of course, even on unrooted devices. The time needn’t be set manually seeing as the app accesses an online time server via a special net protocol (NTP / Network Time Protocol). For root users, the time will henceforth be adjusted automatically. More details below.
That said, the time can, of course also be set manually; to do so simply hit the menu. So, to recap: There are 2 modes: automatic for root users and assisted manual mode for users without root (rootless mode).

There are also quite a few settings options; check out the screenshots in order to see which settings are available. Here's a quick overview of some of the most interesting settings:

  • you may select the time server you wish to use
  • timeout

automatic syncing (root is required!)

  • interval (15 minutes, hourly, daily, three days, weekly...)
  • only when set in WiFi
  • only when device is active, in the interesting of preserving battery life; this option is not strictly necessary if you've chosen to sync daily, it may, however, be of interest to users who prefer to sync every 15 minutes
  • display results in the status area

(the following settings are available to both root and non-root users)

  • detect time zone automatically
  • sync as soon as system starts
  • manual mode: countdown beep to help locate the button

As previously suggested, please check out the screenshots for a complete overview.

We tested ClockSync on two rooted devices for you so as to really ascertain what the app can do. The result: perfect time, and that over a period of several weeks. The clocks on both devices have been running in perfect harmony - erm - sync ever since having installed ClockSync.


ClockSync allows users to check when the last successful sync took place, as well as what the average discrepancy was. The Milestone showed a daily 2 second discrepancy; the HTC Desire trumps this with a full 6 seconds daily.

Bottom line:
Automatic time adjustment is extremely useful, especially on the Wildfire, and my guess is the same would be true for many other devices, especially those without SIM cards.

ClockSync helps keep the time and is overall very useful, especially for root users.

Screen & Controls

ClockSync’s main screen is quite sparse but in a nice, modern way. Using the application is extremely intuitive.

Speed & Stability

ClockSync runs nice and smoothly in he background: reliable, stable and always on time.

Price/Performance Ratio

ClockSync is available for free from the Android Market. We didn’t test support seeing as we had no reason (i.e. no problems) to contact the developer.


ClockSync – Synchronise Watches! ClockSync – Synchronise Watches! ClockSync – Synchronise Watches! ClockSync – Synchronise Watches! ClockSync – Synchronise Watches!


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