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Clouds & Sheep – For hobby shepherds
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Clouds & Sheep – For hobby shepherds

Tamagochi—the world will inspire fear and loathing in the hearts of some, devoted love in others'. Tamagochis have long been available for Android, but usually in the form of only one animal/pet.
Clouds & Sheep is different in the sense that you've got a whole flock of virtual fluffy four-leggers to look after. Find out more in our review after the jump.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.6.4 1.10.3

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G)
Android version: 4.0.4
Root: No
Runs as of version: 2.1

Little Bo Peep hasn't lost any sheep; instead, she, erm, or rather you can have your pick of how many you wish to look after and care for. Shelter them, feed them and make sure they're doing well by controlling the weather. For instance, you can gather passing clouds so that it begins to rain and the grass begins to grow. Puddles form which the sheep can lap water from. But mind that the clouds don't turn into giant cumulus formations, as lightning can kill sheep.

Other fun antics are possible too: give the sheep coffee rather than water, or have them kick a ball around.

Graphics are not mind blowing by any means, but they're made with love. Controls are absolutely simple.

This is an infinity game that's open ended and, well, infinite (geez, tautologies, anyone?). There are about 30 bonus objects and 72 challenges that help keep things interesting. Despite these fun bonus features this is not the type of game that will have you glued to your display for hours on end.

Bottom line:

Clouds & Sheep is an innovative new type of Tamagochi. It's somewhat repetitive, yes, but some will argue that's the Tamagochi-style charm. It's certainly one of the funnest Tamagochis I've tried in a very long time.


Screen & Controls

The menus are made with attention to detail and a lot of thought has gone into the making of this app. The result: well, you feel like a shepherd.

Controls are straight forward and intuitive and Clouds & Sheep is easy to use on the whole.



Speed & Stability

Clouds & Sheep performed well and without and lags or bumps along the way. Even when you've selected a larger flock you'll find that the app remains stabile.

We're not gaga about the graphics, but they suit the overall feel of the game nicely enough.


Price/Performance Ratio

Clouds & Sheep is free from Google Play and has a lot to offer. That said, I'm a tad irritated by the daily notifications that pop up in the status bar. Sure, it's fine if free ads are sponsored by ads, but there's no need to bombard users with them!



Clouds & Sheep – For hobby shepherds Clouds & Sheep – For hobby shepherds Clouds & Sheep – For hobby shepherds Clouds & Sheep – For hobby shepherds Clouds & Sheep – For hobby shepherds

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