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A Coca Cola Powered Smartphone? Now THAT’S What I Call Innovation!


So you’re out on the town scanning the strip for a nice party, and you go to grab your phone to call your boys and tell em that you found the spot. CRAP. Your phone’s battery is dead and you left your car charger at home. The night is ruined! Or is it? Not if you have this Nokia smartphone, which allows you to literally charge your battery with...wait for it...Coca Cola. 

That’s right folks. This smartphone, which was invented by Chinese designer Daizhi Zheng, will allow you to charge the battery using nothing but straight from the can Coca Cola. The pop powered device is the first smartphone that uses bio energy vs lithium batteries as its energy source.

Mr Zheng has been building this device for Nokia, and states that any sugar drink, including sugar flavored water, is enough to keep the phone running 4 times LONGER than lithium batteries do. The bio battery is able to produce electricity directly from carbohydrates, and uses specific enzymes that function as catalysts. Through this process, the device is able to generate oxygen and water. Not only does it charge phones better than lithium batteries do, but is much better for the environment as well.

You can check out some pictures of the Coca Cola phone below, courtesy of The Blog is Mine:

Now THAT’S what I call innovation!

P.S - I really hope that's not urine in that last screenshot...

...although....never mind. 

Picture credits: The Blog Is Mine


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  • Sorin Dec 30, 2017 Link to comment

    After that, can Coca Cola be drunk ?!

  • What if the tech could be adapted to output to a USB plug? Then it could recharge *any* phone or USB device...

  • @David - Sad, but very true.

    @Patrick - I often wonder about this as well. Hardware is evolving so quickly, but on the battery front it creeps along very slowly. Really strange.

    @Anna - If its smart enough to charge a battery with coke, its smart enough for me :)

  • Why do you call it "smartphone"? It's just a cell phone, maybe a feature phone but definitely not a smartphone.

  • @David and Eric I know this battery will probably not see commercial application for a long time - if at all. However, it is getting frustrating that battery tech has been limited to reducing cell size and increasing capacity. To be honest, after the transition from NiCd, NiMH and now Li-Ion/poly batteries there has been very little advancement in this aspect of tech.

  • We'll never see it in North America, though. Chevron or Esso or some other oil company will buy the copyrights to this energy source to prevent it from being used on a large scale for automotive purposes.

  • @Patrick - Too bad it will probably never be used!

    @Hort Girl - I wish I got that type of battery life out of my smartphone! Didnt know the Razr Max was getting SUCH good battery life!

    And yeah...sorry about writing "new". I edited that. The story isn't new, but I still found it pretty cool :)

  • This story... and pictures... are from 2-3 YEARS ago.

    Where has androidpit been?

  • > enough to keep the phone running 4 times LONGER than lithium batteries do


    My Razr Max battery lasts about 4 days before it needs a recharge.

    So this small amount of coke will run my Razr 16 full days?

    That's great news!

    (And also false.)

  • Finally, innovation on the battery front.