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Color Zen - Pretty and Simple!

Color Zen - Pretty and Simple!

Sometimes it's the simply designed things that are the most impressive: concepts which are not completely overloaded but are kept as simple as possible. Color Zen is a game that is simple on a very conscious level, that focuses mainly on the relaxing interactions of color. Why the game is so convincing you will learn in today's review!



  • Very minimalistic design
  • Really quite tricky
  • Interesting gameplay


  • Free level are played through quickly
Reviewed on Android version Root Modifications Reviewed version Latest version
Google Galaxy Nexus 4.3 No 1.3.2 1.6.41

Features & Use

Some time ago I wrote in a review that I am always on the lookout for very simple but well-made games. Games which can win me over not by their complexity, but just by a convincing minimalism. The current test candidate Color Zen fits perfectly into this pattern and therefore spoke to me directly!

The principle is explained very simply and quickly. The aim of the game is to color the playing area completely right up to the color of the frame without any left-over objects remaining. There are different pieces, which come in different colors, mostly in several rings. The player must push the objects around the screen, connecting two pieces of the same color, at which point the background of the playing field will be colored in the color of the outermost ring of the two objects (which then disappears from the object, revealing the layers beneath).

Color Zen is full of beautiful colors, shapes and music. / © Large Animal Games, AndroidPIT

The player must dissolve the pieces in the correct order so that the last two collapsed objects dissolve the field in the color of the frame. In addition, there are also solid objects which are white or colored, that can be pushed into one another. Other pieces are black and they remove whatever they touch. So when you can not combine a color with the same color, you can make use of these black tiles. There are also pieces which are surrounded by a shield. This prevents the piece from disappearing with the dissolution of the corresponding color. The shield is activated by a double-tap on the tile.

Simple turials, a simple layour and simple gameplay: excellent. / © AndroidPIT

Should you at times get stuck, the user can make use of the jokers and skip a level. It is worth it to use headphones while playing, because the game is full of atmospheric and "chill" music is highlighted. In my opinion, this really gives the game an added value, especially as the music fits the game so perfectly.

Color Zen comes with different level packs, which in turn consist of several chapters. Initially you can only play the first and second chapter of the Classic pack, with more levels requiring purchasing. Alternatively, the user can look at advertising for a long while to be able to play a few more levels for free. The available packages are the Classic package, a package named Serenity and one name Nature.

Screen & Controls

After the first one or two games, you can easily tell that great emphasis was placed on the graphic design of Color Zen. This consideration is, in fact, exactly how the gameplay has been kept very minimalistic. However, this rather simple design, through the many colors and the rather complex patterns, definitely looks a winner. The operation is quite simple and quick to learn. If the user still needs an introduction, there's one available in the main menu.

Additional levels must be bought. And you can rate and share your results to social media. / © AndroidPIT

Speed & Stability

Color Zen ran during the entire test period of about a week without any problems. The game did not suffer from speed or stability problems either.

Price/Performance Ratio

Color Zen is initially available for free and ad-free in the App Center. But in the free version only a limited number of levels are included. More game packages must be purchased.

Final verdict

Color Zen offers very basic gameplay, a fact which stands out from the crowd somewhat. The graphic design perfectly fits into the overall concept, just like the musical soundtrack. All in all, I am very convinced by Color Zen, especially because I for one am a fan of simple but entertaining games.

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