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Compail Beta 1.0 released

Finally. The first beta of Compail is out and you can install it from AndroidPIT. I would suggest that you try it on a test account first .. sorry for the inconvenience .. but it's a beta version and there are no guarantees. 

In the unlikely event that Compail crashes, and it might, you’ll find 1 or 2 files on your device. They are located in /sdcard/compail/log and the names are debug_uncaught.html and or exceptions.txt. I would appreciate if you could send those files to compailapp at gmail dot com. I need those files to investigate what went wrong and why. I tested compail with accounts at and For the time being Compail supports only IMAP accounts. No POP or Exchange. I am afraid that leaves out Hotmail, sorry about that. And - unfortunately no multi accounts at the moment. Have fun.

You find Compail in the beta section of our App Center or you can download it here.

In our developer diary, Rüdiger Merz aka styx gives you a glimpse at the day-to-day life of an Android app developer, while he is developing the e-mail app “Compail.”

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  • styx Dec 7, 2012 Link to comment


    I am really sorry about that. As soon as I figure out how to handle a Hotmail Account I'll let you know.



  • Anna F. Dec 7, 2012 Link to comment

    What? No Hotmail support? :( That's unfortunate.. I was looking forward to testing this app.... Please let us know when you add support for Hotmail accounts and I'll be the first to test the app out.

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