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Complete HTC sales ban in Germany: Nokia wins another patent case

Complete HTC sales ban in Germany: Nokia wins another patent case

You may recall recently that sales of the HTC One mini were banned in the UK, following a patent infringement case win by Nokia. That injunction may have been subsequently overturned after HTC appealed the decision, but Nokia hasn’t stopped there. The latest patent infringement for Nokia has now resulted in a blanket ban on the sale of HTC products in Germany. HTC has again appealed the decision and found a new ally in Google, who have stepped in to bat for the beleagured manufacturer.

HTC One Banned
This time it's not just the HTC One, but all HTC prodcuts that have been banned in Germany. / © AndroidPIT/HTC

The ruling, made yesterday in Germany’s Munich I Regional Court, saw the judge deliver a complete sales ban on HTC Android devices in Germany, because Nokia rightfully claimed a patent infringement on the transfer of data using NFC, namely, Android Beam. As can be expected, HTC is appealing this decision also and may well see it overturned as it was (albeit for a different patent infringement) in the UK recently. However, Nokia can enforce a preliminary injunction while HTC appeals, forcing them to withdraw all devices from sale.

htc quietly banned
Things just keep going from bad to worse for HTC. But now Google has stepped in. / © Nokia Innovation

Google has recognized the seriously damaging effect Nokia’s new raison d’etre – their “multijurisdictional infringement litigation campaign against HTC,” begun in May 2012 –  could have on not just HTC, but on the entire Android ecosystem in general, and has begun taking steps to invalidate the claims made by Nokia. Google responded too slowly to assist HTC’s appeal in this case, but their claims may well serve to put a stopper in, or at least slow down, Nokia’s rampant litigation. Only time will tell how badly damaged HTC’s core business is by then.

Do you think HTC will win their appeal against Nokia’s infringement injunction in Germany? Do you think Google’s intervention will make a difference?

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  • My1 Jan 14, 2014 Link to comment

    Weird that I still see HTC one and whatnot in stores...

    • Hi @Philipp, I just checked Foss patents and they've updated the article from last week about the injunction being tossed out by the judge. Apparently he dismissed the case but Nokia can still stop the import and sale of HTC devices in Germany based on the other case wins in December (there was a few). So perhaps the recall will take time, but it sounds like Nokia still has the win, even if it's not in relation to this particular NFC patent.

  • And finally microsoft? is getting a hit on android, wich ironically makes them more money than wp-os does.... Don't bite the hand that feed's you. Dear microsoft!

  • You trust a corporation? You may trust a company owned by one person if that person has proven to live a trustworthy life, if there is one. Corporations multiply larceny, deceit, and calumny.

    You may trust a corporation to not want to lose customers, lose money and market share. Live as an aware consumer; when corporations misbehave, shave their profits. Sites like this help by giving you information. Use it!

  • I had a Nokia 5233 and few days back I bought hTC smartphone because I thought hTC is a company which does business using the fair tactics like Nokia. but after seeing this news, that trust has gone.!

  • Basically if GOOGLE interfered.. Nokia has NO CHANCE of doing anything.... because MONEY TALKS.

  • I'm kind of interested to know why there isn't a simple licensing of patents, as @Ed suggests. I'm not sure if it's exorbitant costs that prohibits this from happening, an unwillingness on the part of the patent-holder to do so, or simply a positive cost-benefit ratio to infringing someone's patent and hoping to get away with it. This is a dark day for Android.

  • I think it was about f'n time GOOGLE stepped in and did something to help HTC win this latest ridiculous patent war .... because this could easily mean a ban on other Android Smart Phones (it would also be in the best interest of LG and SAMSUNG to step in before they're given a court ordered ban due to a patent) ...

  • corporations battle for market share and netizens suffer and quit buying half-baked planned obsolescent techno trash. M\\

  • Ed E. Dec 31, 2013 Link to comment

    I've said this before license the patents to other tech companies and all will be happy, plus look at the money your patent will bring in.

  •   16
    Deactivated Account Dec 31, 2013 Link to comment

    These patent thing makes me sick...

  • Ed E. Dec 31, 2013 Link to comment

    It's sad when companies have to try and destroy other's when there own OS is not doing so good, Nokia is now owned by Microsoft and there sales suck so they have to try and go after Androids because they have nothing other to do but destroy companies that are having a hard time and trying to get there footing back but instead they get knocked back because larger companies can't get there way........Come Microsoft give up your not going to take down Android by the courts, just try and make a better product is all you have to do.

  • My1 Dec 31, 2013 Link to comment

    But if android beam is the patent infringement, HTC isnt at fault here...
    It is Google... But this means that from today onwards, no HTC android phone can be seen in German stores anymore, too bad...

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