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Not just the USA: these are the countries that have vetoed Huawei
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Not just the USA: these are the countries that have vetoed Huawei

The decision by the US to prohibit US companies from trading with Huawei is possibly the news of the year. Because of this, many companies are severing their ties with Huawei. But the US is not the only country to have vetoed the Chinese manufacturer.

The Trump administration's executive order of May 15 added Huawei to the blacklist of telecommunications companies with which no US company can do business. Google, Qualcomm, Intel... The list of companies that have begun to apply the veto does not stop growing, even though Trump's latest (and contradictory) statements seem to soften this measure, and the US is not the only country that distrusts Huawei.

List of countries that have banned Huawei

In addition to the US, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Taiwan have followed suit, banning and withdrawing Huawei products within their borders. These are economically important countries, which together account for approximately one third of world GDP.

countries which have banned huawei products
In red, countries where the ban is already effective. / © Statista

In addition, several countries are beginning to act against Huawei. The UK is debating whether or not to allow the placement of the company's 5G networks, with Huawei moving to sign a non-espionage agreement. In France and Germany, security measures will be increased to protect against possible rear doors in the communication channels. In addition, several European countries such as Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands are debating which possible bans to apply. In the latter country, the telecommunications provider KPN has removed Huawei from its 5G network.

But it's not all bad news for Huawei: the governments of Italy, Brazil, South Africa, the Czech Republic and Turkey have declared that they will not limit Huawei's participation. 

Do you think that more and more countries will be added to the veto or little by little everything will return to normal?


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  • Sorin 3 weeks ago Link to comment

    In fact, no phones are taken in the collimator, as it would seem at first glance, on the contrary, "interests" are in the new 5G field, the stake being huge, so the rules of the game are not always respected. In such a case, the results of the competition are often completely unspeakable and unpredictable.

  • Why is China or Huawei cry when they started this mess by not allowing foreign companies to do business in China. The Chicoms banned Google from China. Why is why Huawei is so dominant in China? because they are connected to their government.

  • One correction is needed: Australia didn't "follow suit". Australia banned them in 2018. There's an excellent Reuters investigation article on it, and now a lot of people arguing whether Turnbull is a hero or villain for starting everything.

  • Huawei had it coming like ZTE did last year!
    This not only sucks for Consumers, it sucks for those building a 5G Network that rely on those parts from Huawei that are not "red flagged" (it's going to slow down implementation of a 5G Network AND it's going to drive up prices on goods coming from China - unless those same goods come from someplace else!) 🤷🏼‍♀️