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ConnectBot – SSH client for the mobile generation
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ConnectBot – SSH client for the mobile generation

ConnectBot is an admin tool—plain and simple. That means, it’s not the kind of app that every Android user will profit from, simply because not everyone will feel they need this type of application.

However, if you’re the type of user who wants to be able to access unix servers when you’re on the go somewhere, this SSH client is the thing for you… or is it? Aha, suspense! Read on, all will be revealed.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.7.1 Varies with device

Features & Use

ConnectBot is a Secure Shell secure shell client for the Android platform that provides users with functions that can usually only be found on network protocols for PCs.

After starting up the app a tips & tricks screen pops up. A useful feature, as it allows users to become accustomed to the programme as well as explain how the remote server can be used optimally, despite the restrictions that come with mobile keyboards. You can then log into your account and use the remote server as per usual. Should you be so inclined you can save your account and login details permantly.

Setting up a tunneling protocol is also an option—slightly unusual but nonetheless useful for a mobile client.

The settings menu satisfies every whim of the ‘mobile admin’. Setting up automatic updates is also an option, firmly establishing ConnectBot in the Android client major league.

Bottom line:

This is a great tool for sysadmins who are in a bit of a corner or simply enjoying the nice summer weather. It's jam packed with useful features including port forwarding, URL scan and key management. It is also actively developed, so we look forward to seeing what esle the ConnectBot fellows are going to come up with.

Screen & Controls

ConnectBot is surprisingly easy to use for an SSH client. That being said, we actually tested ConnectBot on a G1 which, as you know, has a physical keyboard, so that may have something to do with it. Let us know if you’ve used the app on a phone with an on-screen keyboard.

Anyway, using the physical keyboard it was possible to enter long texts into the system, and everything ran really smoothly.

If you have heavy duty, long-term admin tasks even a smart and efficient tool such as ConnectBot will probably not manage to satisfy you, but it is perfect for emergencies or when you need a quick fix. The system really is that user friendly.

The screen and font are nice and big, allowing users to get stuff done without shedding tears of frustration.

Speed & Stability

ConnectBot is fast and smooth—oh dear, that sounds a bit raunchy, doesn’t it?

Connections are set up in a jiffy and the app does what it’s told without hesitation. UTMS makes the most sense, but the remote server can be used with GPRS, too.

Price/Performance Ratio

ConnectBot can be downloaded for free from the Android Market.


ConnectBot – SSH client for the mobile generation ConnectBot – SSH client for the mobile generation ConnectBot – SSH client for the mobile generation

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