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ConnectiXX FREE –  Connect the dots...
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ConnectiXX FREE – Connect the dots...

Not all games have to be head-scratchers: sometimes a good, simple gameplay is the way to go. ConnectiXX FREE is an excellent case in point. It's the type of game that will get you hooked big time without making you reach new levels of frustration (due to overly complex gameplay). Read on for our take on this interesting puzzle game.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.2.1 1.3

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
Android version: 4.1.2
Root: No
Modifications: None
Permission: Perfectly OK!

ConnectiXX FREE may not look like much right off the bat, but we were pleasantly surprised by this light-hearted puzzle game.

The gameplay in a nutshell: connect the dots along the lines. A certain amount of connections is needed, and the challenge is to make sure that you don't get your lines crossed, literally. This means that you will have to strategise and possibly retrace your steps.

The first time you play you will be guided through the game via a little tutorial in which you'll learn the rules and how-to's. Once that's done you can dive right in!

The first 20-30 levels are not too challenging, but once you get beyond this point you'll find that you'll be furrowing your brows quite a bit. There's a useful option for skipping passages, should you ever you get to a point of no return. That said, I would imagine that die-hard puzzle fans won't be resorting to the last option!
There are 200 levels in total, equalling many hours of fun puzzle time.

Time matters, and the app keeps track of your time scores so that you can compare your high scores with other players from around the world.

Bottom line:

We're ConnectiXX FREE fans. The game is simple and intuitive and yet challenging, without ever being too gimmicky.
It's a great time killer as well as a viable option for whenever you just feel like leaning back and enjoying a good puzzle.
We tip our hats to the inventive developers who have managed to come up with a game that's both classic and innovative, all the while remaining very straight-forward.


Screen & Controls

ConnectiXX FREE impressed us in this category. The game is easy to navigate and an introductory phase isn't required.

We also like the graphics a lot. ConnectiXX FREE is minimal and we feel there's a slight nod towards Doodle-Jump. It has that fun hand-drawn look about it and the overall quality is good.


Speed & Stability

ConnectiXX FREE performed well during our test runs and we didn't notice any issues; on the contrary, the game struck us as smooth and stabile.


Price/Performance Ratio

ConnectiXX FREE is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. Ads are displayed throughout the game.



ConnectiXX FREE –  Connect the dots... ConnectiXX FREE –  Connect the dots... ConnectiXX FREE –  Connect the dots... ConnectiXX FREE –  Connect the dots... ConnectiXX FREE –  Connect the dots... ConnectiXX FREE –  Connect the dots...

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