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Coral City FUN addicting game

Any Ariel fans in the house? I absolutely loved her as a kid, and I secretly wished I could be a mermaid living under the sea. If this was also one of your childhood dreams read on for our review of Coral City FUN addicting game, and app the brings the colourful underwater world to your smartphone.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.6 1.1.6

Features & Use

First you will meet a dolphin who confides in you that he and countless others have been banished from Atlantis by the nasty ruler of the city.
Inspired to create a haven for the dolphin and his compatriots, you decide to erect a brand new city that's even more beautiful than Atlantis. An architect is there to help you create housing and infrastructure for the city inhabitants.

The architect sweetly guides you through the cityscape project, as well as gives you tasks to accomplish, for instance building a small house. Every time you successfully complete a task you are rewarded.
You also receive money for each day you visit your city. Keep an eye on your pocketbook so that you can manage your finances in the most profitable way possible.

Coral City FUN addicting game is set up much in the same way as any City Building game, but thanks to its many options and fun elements with which you can decorate the town it's sure to not become boring for a long while yet.


Screen & Controls

The Coral City FUN addicting game are simple, and the architect tells you everything you need to know.

The graphics are bright, bold and colourful and a cheery background music sets the tone. Very nice overall!


Speed & Stability

While Coral City FUN addicting game's performance was satisfactory on the whole, I did notice longer loading times whenever the app needed to start up again after my phone had been in sleep mode.


Price/Performance Ratio

Coral City FUN addicting game is free and nicely designed which deserves a five star rating in my book.



Coral City FUN addicting game Coral City FUN addicting game Coral City FUN addicting game Coral City FUN addicting game


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  •   17
    Deactivated Account Nov 15, 2012 Link to comment

    Seriously? What happened, exactly? Did you have to start building the city from scratch?

    ...If I were you I would notify the devs of this mishap...

  • i used to have his game until it crashed. then i lost everything!