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Could the Huawei P10 be a Samsung killer?

Could the Huawei P10 be a Samsung killer?

With the absence of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Huawei made the most of the Mobile World Congress to introduce its new top-range smartphones, the Huawei P10 and P10 plus. The Chinese manufacturer looks to have done a stand-up job with its two new, promising models. Does Samsung has cause for concern, seeing as everyone will have to wait until the end of March to get a glimpse of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge successors?

We've covered this in the past: the glaring absence of the latest Samsung flagship at the MWC was a dream-come-true for other manufacturers to market themselves. Huawei made the most of Barcelona by showing both the press and users that the manufacturer is now on equal footing with Samsung. In fact, the press conference where the devices were presented was strange indeed as the company had to refuse access to many journalists due to it being overcrowded. That’s why BBC journalists were forced to follow the presentations on their smartphones on the lawn outside Huawei’s offices. This just goes to show that times have definitely chanced for the brand since its debut at the MWC.

There’s nothing surprising about the fact that it has progressed to this point. Year after year, Huawei has perfected its products and have written history. The Huawei P10 is the manufacturer’s most successful product by far. The smartphone offers an extremely elegant design (a special shout out to the new green color, entitled Greenery), high quality photo abilities (thanks to a partnership with Leica that was renewed again this year) and strong technical specifications that can compete with the best on the market.

AndroidPIT Huawei P10 Plus Hands on MWC 2017 142955
The press conference for the Huawei P10 and P10 Plus presentations was jam packed. © AndroidPIT

Good timing

Firstly, Huawei knew how to make the most of its calendar. Last year, they had to wait until April to unveil the Huawei P9. This year, the company knew the importance of the MWC and, therefore, presented its successor before its biggest competitor, Samsung, presents its Galaxy S8 at the end of March. The result: the new Huawei smartphone shared the top spot at the MWC with LG and its LG G6 and everyone completely forgot about Samsung. In addition, unlike the South Korean manufacturer, the brand is on the rise. It doesn’t have any baggage like Samsung has, following its Note 7 disaster.

The new Huawei smartphone made everyone forget about Samsung at the MWC

Yes, the manufacturer didn’t want to play the ‘originality’ card this year and introduced a conventional design. What’s surprising is that Huawei even broke away from its tradition by placing the fingerprint reader on the front of the device and not at the back. While some (like me) don’t like this decision, it can be explained by the fact that Huawei is aiming the device at Samsung Galaxy and iPhone users by placing this element on the front.

Everything that you would expect from a high-end smartphone in 2017

The Huawei P10 has nothing to be envious about in regards to its competitors when it comes to tech specs and, barring any surprise, has no reason to be envious of the future Galaxy S8.

Like last year, the Chinese company relies on the photographic experience that the smartphone has to offer. The partnership with German camera specialist Leica has been renewed. On the front, the device has the same configuration as the Huawei P9 with the double camera sensor system: one with 20 MP in black and the other with 12 MP for colors.

AndroidPIT Huawei P10 Hands on MWC 2017 5891
The partnership with Leica has been renewed. The P10 should offer the same experience as the Mate 9 in terms of photos. © AndroidPIT

Like the Galaxy S7, the Huawei P10 is water and dust resistant. It doesn’t have an IP68 certification, but protection against splashes. Lastly, Huawei has maintained the good battery life from its flagship by including a 3,000 mAh capacity.

Immediate availability and an attractive price

Finally, the availability and the price are what make the Huawei P10 the perfect Samsung killer. While the S8 will only appear in shops on April 21, the Huawei P10 will be released on March 24, a month before Samsung. What’s even better is that the smartphone will cost around $100 less than its competitor, and even offers 64 GB of internal storage.

The price of a flagship shouldn’t be more than 599 euros, just like the Huawei P10

Finally, the only element that the Huawei is missing, which would force Samsung further to dwell in its shadow, is the brand’s image. Old habits die hard and Huawei still has the image of being a Chinese manufacturer whose products are poorly developed and badly optimized. While these comments could have been justified from the company's outset, it’s definitely no longer the case for the brand. However, only time will be able to change people’s minds. Samsung went the same way in its fight against Apple. There’s no reason why Huawei can’t resolve this problem surrounding its image, especially when users see its present expertise in smartphone manufacturing.

What do you think of the Huawei P10? Do you think the smartphone could force the future Galaxy S8 into the shadows?

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Readers' favorite comments

  • Dusan V. Mar 6, 2017

    It won't be a problem for Samsung. Samsung and Apple both have one common thing and that is brand loyalty from their huge base of customers. And that is really hard to beat.


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  • Samsung haters be envious. Samsung users don't give a flying fuck what they say though.

  • storm Mar 7, 2017 Link to comment

    I finally got to handle a Huawei phone, a Mate 9. Well crafted, responsive. Not a fan of the skin, but the phone is a good piece of hardware. Huawei does offer a serious competitor to Samsung.

  • It's without any doubt good device , but it has 2 problems : 1. It's not as attractive (looks and brand recognition) as S8 will be, and it cost just a little bit less, and 2. It's not that much better device than Huawei's own P9 which now cost half of it's price.
    So i really don't see a point of buying it, even though i do like it.
    Huawei should really do a lot to get a good deals with network operators, if they want to sell this in some large numbers...

  • Huawei has made decent, durable phones for a while, they were never the greatest phone, but durable. Bought a ascend in 2009, it got kicked, dropped, sat on by a 300 lb person(not on a couch, but a hard chair). It took recovery, and root very well, and never bootlooped. I can't say that about lg(sorry lg fans), or tcl made alcatel).
    I have a honor 5x now, that has held up to all my desires, and everything that I've done to it, has passed with flying colors. I disagree, they've been cheap, early-on, but they were tough even in 2009.

  • Samsung is their own worst enemy

  • Samsung and especially Apple are garbage, I'll never buy any of their products, I use to own Apple iPods and loved them but am way beyond that now, Huawei is my favorite company, and will always be, excellent hardware, software improved so much over the years, no explosive issued like what Samsung had. Also LG is my second favorite, really thinking about the G6.

    • Saying Apple is garbage is just flat out dumb. While Samsung's products are clunky slow down after months of use and even catch fire all Apple does is work with limited bugs. As for myself I'm perfectly happy with my Mate 9.

  •   12
    Deactivated Account Mar 6, 2017 Link to comment

    Samsung isn't worried about Huawei, LG, HTC, Motorola, One Plus, Sony, or any Pixel product.

    Samsung is the industry standard worldwide and has been the Android leader in market share and revenue since March 2011 that's no mistake.

    It's Samsung's products that change the direction of technology and innovative solutions in today's market place.

    Samsung users are worldwide and will always support Samsung no matter where they go or what direction they decide.

    Apple and Samsung users share that one common thread we don't buy anything else because nothing else matters period that will never change.

    • Lol typical Samsung fanboy, they are damn worried about Huawei becuase in 2020 they will bypass Samsung in market share, i think Samsung is an overrated company with the same design language with every phone they release, boring if you ask me.

    • Samsung are worried and rightly so because their phones are sub standard in actual features to other manufacturers and their design is boring. Real screen mirroring for one such example. The handsets are bogged down by slow software and people are growing wise to their antics of over sharpening photos to make them look better.

      The ONLY thing Samsung phones have over other phones is their screens and the Pixel screens are as good and iPhones are soon to have Amoled.

      The only problem with Samsung as with Apple is their rabid fanboys such as yourself who thinks you are above others but are actually just a troll who is also deluded.

      As with every brand that starts small they can and will fall from grace with bad decisions.

    • Never ever say never.

  • Apple customers are loyal beyond belief however Android users are loyal to Android but not necessarily brands. As most current top end phones are fairly similar in specs consumers are now savvy enough to shop around. Huawei P10 seems to have the edge as "value for money".

    • Thats because Android makes it so easy to switch. You can switch manufacturers and still have all your apps on the new phone. I have been a Samsung person ever since the original Galaxy S but I am certainly looking at other options.

  • It won't be a problem for Samsung. Samsung and Apple both have one common thing and that is brand loyalty from their huge base of customers. And that is really hard to beat.

    • this is true, no matter how great other competitors are, loyalty of consumers really has a great impact to this

      • I wonder how brand loyalty exists so fiercely for Samsung in the face of that appalling user interface called TouchWiz and the Note explosions. And I wonder how long after Steve Jobs Apple will be able to hold on to its reputation in the face of gross overpricing and an irritating holier-than-thou attitude.

    • Nonsense. Plenty of Apple and Samsung fans will switch they only stay with them as long as it's fashionable to do so and they believe it's "the best"

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