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Countdown to the End: Road Warrior

Countdown to the End: Road Warrior

The Road Warrior movies are fantastic. The sense of tension and dread that you feel when you watch the first film is just magnificent. The second movie, Mad Max 2 is perhaps one of the best movies with a post-apocalyptic theme ever made.

Road Warrior

Of course, they were made in the early days before Mel Gibson was a psycho. I’m not quite sure what happened to him, maybe he fell apart as he got older, or maybe it was all the stress of the coming apocalypse. After all, he did make a movie called Apocalyptica, which actually had precisely nothing to do with the end days of humanity.

Regardless, we’re going to continue our countdown to the end, with a Road Warrior themed game. It’s not exactly an officially licensed title, but that’s okay. It will do.

Road Warrior: Best Racing Game

While I don’t totally agree with the name because it’s certainly not the ‘best’ racing game, it’s a pretty damn good mobile title nonetheless. Gameplay is straightforward, yet more difficult than you would expect, and racing is just pure fun.

Road Warrior Snow Race

The primary goal in Road Warrior is obvious, you have to race and you have to win. The more you win, or the better you rank in the race, the more money you make. As with any other racing game, you can improve your vehicle and customize it to suit your personal tastes.

Of course, this is a post-apocalyptic game we’re talking about here, so every vehicle is outfitted with an array of weapons. Clearly, you use the weapons to your advantage in order to take out opponents and gain the lead.

Your car drives automatically, so in Road Warrior you don’t have to worry about pressing any buttons to accelerate. There is a button to shoot, a button to brake and two buttons to rotate your car. The spin buttons allow you to pull off tricks in the air, and ensure your vehicle lands upright. You have plenty of chances to do this, especially considering the tracks are filled with plenty of jumps, gaps and interactive environment.

Unlike a lot of other racing games out there, Road Warrior is 2D. You essentially race from one side of the screen to the other, and the tracks are extraordinarily long.

Road Warrior Vehicle Select Menu

In-between races you can outfit your car with better armor, speed boosts and several other upgrades. You’ll also be issued missions to complete, most of which include winning a series of races. Don’t worry, you don’t have to win all your races consecutively. For example, one of my missions asked me to win three races, I won my first race, lost two others, and then won two more.

There are boss battles, as well. If you happen to win one of these races and take out a boss, you unlock their car, but let me just tell you- it’s devilishly hard to beat them.

Road Warrior Multiplayer

An additional multiplayer game-mode is also offered, but first you either have to create a free account or register with your Facebook account. It should be noted that if you choose to register with your Facebook account, your timeline will be spammed with promotions and ads for the game by Mobjoy. How else do you think they get their money? Usually the game will ask you before posting, and this feature can be disabled, of course. It’s just a good aspect to take note of.

Multiplayer battles are essentially the same thing as the single player races. You participate online with groups of other players in order to win races. It’s pretty standard fanfare.

Road Warrior Online Multiplayer

There are five different leagues to compete in, starting with the “Rookies” class for beginners and the “Warriors” level for sheer experts. You rank up as you win and place in races, and before each event you can bet a fair chunk of cash. Gambling adds a little extra fun into the mix, especially if you win.

Because this is a free to play game, there is an exclusive in-game currency. You earn money for winning races, which is entirely different from the main

currency, which is MP. You can earn free MP by completing offers, or by meeting certain objectives, like logging into the game with your Facebook account for instance. Then there’s always the option to purchase more MP with real cash.

Don’t worry though, you don’t need to spend any money to play and enjoy Road Warrior. You can play both online and offline single player without ever spending a dime.

The best part about the game is that Road Warrior is free, and you can get it in the Google Play store right now.

If the world is destroyed, and we’re thrown into a desolate universe of Mad Max like characters, and vehicular manslaughter then playing Road Warrior is an excellent way to train up. You never know what the end of the world is going to look like, might as well get ready for it now!

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  • Just to update all you geeks. The Parade magazine-- a Sunday paper insert here in the US. The answer to the end of the Mayan calendar is NO MORE TWINKIES!