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Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks

Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks

There are heaps of car racing games in the Play Store. One of these is Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks.

The point here is to go as fast as you can from start to finish, while performing many tricks and collecting coins. But is this enough to make a game fun? This question will be answered in our app test review.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.5 1.0.5

Features & Use

Right when you start the Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks, you'll be presented with a choice of worlds (5 in total), only one of which is unlocked. You'll also see your present account balance, which will reflect the number of coins you've collected. There are also two buttons for music and volume and the option to share this with Facebook and buy more coins.

Once a world is selected, you choose your level from the ones that have been already unlocked. From here you register on the leader board. After this, you'll choose your vehicle from the list of monster trucks. Again, you can only choose the unlocked ones.

Getting into playing the game, you'll see the break pedal on the left and the gas on the right. In the background, you'll see a 2D landscape, through which the car will race. In the top left corner of the account balance, you'll see the present time and race clock as well.

The point is to drive your truck as fast as you can to the goal on the right. You'll also have to collect coins as you drive and do some tricks like flips, for example.

Some of you might know Hill Climb Racing, this game has the same concept. The different lies in the fact that the Hill Climb racer has more tracks and various vehicles to choose from. I also think that it offers better physics. It feels a lot more ''realistic'' than Crazy Wheels.

There's also one thing that I really disliked with today's game: even though you turn off the volume, when the truck smashes into something, it still makes a noise, which was really annoying. You need to either turn off your smartphone or tablet's volume completely or play when no one is around.

Bottom Line

Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks is a nice game for quick and fast playing. It's cool that you can unlock levels and cars, which keeps the player motivated. Except for a few hiccups, it was well designed.

Unfortunately, this game's competition does a better job.

Screen & Controls

From the design standpoint, Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks is really well designed and is easy to play.

Unfortunately, the physics were a little cumbersome. Other apps are better in this aspect.

Speed & Stability

If you don't factor in the sound error, Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks does a good job in this section. The game never crashed and there were no long loading times.

Price/Performance Ratio

Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks is available for free, but ads pop up everywhere. You can pay $1.28 to get rid of them.  


Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks Crazy Wheels: Monster Trucks

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