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Curling up with the LG Rolly: a Bluetooth keyboard for tablets
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Curling up with the LG Rolly: a Bluetooth keyboard for tablets

The LG Rolly is an admittedly weird-looking gadget. It's a Bluetooth keyboard, designed to be used with tablets or really big smartphones, that rolls up into a neat little square tube. We saw it leaked a few days ago and just had to track one down to see whether it was useful or just plain odd. It ended up being a little of both.

The LG Rolly is a battery-powered Bluetooth keyboard, so it doesn't require endless charging. Just pop in a regular AAA battery to enjoy three full months of battery life. Unrolling the keyboard will bring your tablet's screen to life, allowing you to start writing straight away.

AndroidPIT LG Rolly keyboard rolled up
The LG Rolly is one seriously compact Bluetooth keyboard. / © ANDROIDPIT

The Rolly has two little brackets that swing out from the back for your tablet or phone to slot into. The whole thing is quite stable and ultra light, and surprisingly comfortable to type on even if the button spacing takes a short while to get used to. It's not as comfortable as typing on a laptop, but it's better than a lot of the alternatives out there.

AndroidPIT LG Rolly keyboard with tablet
The LG Rolly turns any tablet into a mobile office. Sort of. / © ANDROIDPIT

The weirdest thing about the LG Rolly is how quickly you get used to using it – so much so that we found ourselves instinctively reaching for a mouse. Fortunately you can use USB-OTG to connect a mouse to your tablet or use a Bluetooth mouse to get truly mobile with your portable office.

AndroidPIT LG Rolly keyboard battery
One AAA battery will power the Rolly for three months. / © ANDROIDPIT

For frequent travelers or those who need the convenience of working on the go without the bulk of a laptop, the Rolly with a tablet could be ideal. You can pair two different devices with the Rolly and switch between them with a button.

AndroidPIT LG Rolly keyboard detail
All things considered, the Rolly is is actually decently comfortable to type on. / © ANDROIDPIT

It's not exactly cheap though: with a MSRP of US$119, the LG Rolly is an expensive impulse buy. We expect that price to drop in the near future (because it's simply too high at present), and you can check the Rolly out yourself when it goes on sale in the US in September.

What do you think of this keyboard? Do you buy mobile peripherals?


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  • Neat idea, but the price needs some work.
    I regularly use a bluetooth keyboard (normal - un foldable) I used to use a bluetooth mouse when doing major office work. I no longer need or use a PC or laptop.

    I use a car smartphone holder fixed to the table so it holds the screen at the right level/angle.

    I tried hooking the phone up to the TV to use the big screen but I still constantly looked at the phone rather than the tv.

  • Way too expensive! I got a nice folding BT keyboard from Amazon for 15 bucks that works just great!

  • So much expensive for me