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Samsung will be "slaughtered" in five years, says Cyanogen CEO

Samsung will be "slaughtered" in five years, says Cyanogen CEO

Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster had some big things to say about Samsung in an interview with Business Insider, stating that the Korean company's smartphone division would be "slaughtered" within the next five years.

kirt mcmaster cyanogen ceo
Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster has some tough words for Samsung. / © Cyanogen Inc.

In the interview, McMaster said he believed the rise of low-budget devices from China by companies like Xiaomi and Micromax would cut into Samsung's dominance, and that Samsung would go the way of Nokia in the smartphone market.

"The tier one OEMs like Samsung are going to be the next generation Nokias in the next five years. They’re going to be slaughtered. We think long term Apple itself will have problems because they’re just not good at competing at the low end".

Cyanogen is one of the few Android platforms to have broken away from Google's grip and found mainstream success. It was the chosen operating system for the popular OnePlus One smartphone, although the Chinese manufacturer has since confirmed that it will drop Cyanogen for the OnePlus Two and use a new Android-based OS, called OxygenOS, instead.

But things still look promising for Cyanogen. The upstart platform might receive funding from Microsoft, and is teaming up with Qualcomm to deliver Cyanogen features in future Snapdragon chipsets.

Things aren't looking bad for Samsung either though, as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have landed to a good reception.

Do you agree that Samsung faces tough times ahead, or will the electronics giant rise up over the growing competition?

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  •   8
    Deactivated Account Mar 21, 2015 Link to comment

    This is a bit of a silly article, but if Samsung disappeared someone else would quickly fill the void, and life goes on. I don't think they'll disappear anytime soon though.

  • Wow, all this hate for just an opinion.

  • Cyanogen quickly turned from darling to demon.
    Their greed, arrogance and megalomania are intangible.
    That stunt they pulled on OnePlus, hijacking Android, teaming up with Microsoft, which nobody wants to have in the Android world, and generally acting out like the smug jerks they are - I won't touch a device that has anything to do with Cyanogen ever again. Even if this means that I have to buy an ugly Samsung phone.

    •   8
      Deactivated Account Mar 21, 2015 Link to comment

      Curious, I think you'll find the king of megalomania, greed and arrogance is Google.

  • I'd say it's a pipe dream that cyanogen is going to take out a company like Samsung, and google will also be around for quite a long time to say the two companies will fall anytime in the next ten years at least would definitely be Ludacris

  • Brave for a CEO to open themselves up to attack with such a provocative statement. Don't really believe the rise of the "low-end" will be the death of Samsung though. Nokia killed itself with poor software and lack of foresight.

  • Samsung has the tools sweep the market and demolish Apple but they hesitate. I feel this way because in the recent years there devices are minor upgrades from another. I can say that because had also st every Galaxy S model besides the 5.

  • Legend in his own mind!

  • A complete BS. In five years Earth itself might not exist, pretty bold of him to predict such nonsense. Chinese companies are not even close to achieving anything on that level. Their availability and support are basically non-existent outside of China (except for Huawei, I guess), so... nope.

    Also, he assumes those devices will stay low-priced. Hardly, if they want to remain profitable. I'm talking about flagships. Google could afford to have Nexus devices priced low (at the expense of some features), but that is not true for others. If they ever achieve global level in their sales, they will for sure raise their prices.

    And the last, Nokia went down as a result of bad business decisions. They could have gone Android, or even better they could have kept their MeeGo (or whatever it was called, but I really liked N9), it was promising and could have been a great competitor on the market. Windows was the worst choice.

    • My1 Mar 8, 2015 Link to comment

      well the Nx6 isnt that cheap, and the S6 killed almost all of samsung's merits so why should I choose samsung again, I am a proud Note 3 user and maybe I'll get a N4 or a Note Edge but the S6 may have marked the beginning of the end for Samsung or at least their smartphones...

  • Lee Mar 6, 2015 Link to comment

    Cock! Even if the Samsung mobile business gets slaughtered they'll still live on to fight another day they don't just make smartphones ya know 😄

    • Samsung also makes a nifty robot tank that patrols the Korean border. They just dabble in smartphones and tablets.

  • its a shame that Cyanogen has gone mainstream, it too will soon change into a monster like other big companies. but i think it will do some good bringing in fresh competitors to the market. it will make other companies acheive higher standards..

  • He may be right about Samsung..

  • Crazy much? I think Samsung will do what they have to do to survive and win. I also think Google will be okay. This guy on the other hand....

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