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CyanogenMod coming to Galaxy Note 3

Good news for those of you sporting a Galaxy Note 3 and not so in love with the TouchWiz UI that comes bundled with the device. The team behind the popular CyanogenMod ROM have announced on their Google+ page that they have published the source code for a bunch of different Note 3 devices, with nightly builds expected to be released shortly.

galaxy note 3 test 3
© AndroidPIT

While there aren’t any physical nightly builds available as of yet, it’s now possible for modders to build and modify the source code available from GITHUB. And with the release of the source code, a release of nightly builds from the CM team can’t be too far behind and soon you’ll be able to flash your Note 3 with the most popular custom ROM. A nice way to start off the New Year.

Cyanogenmod11 cut
The Galaxy Note 3 will soon get the same CM love as many other devices.  © CyanogenMod

Right now, the team has released the Kernel and ROM codes for Note 3 variants on the T-Mobile and Sprint networks, as well as for the International Note 3 model.

The CyanogenMod team has been busy as of late with their update to CyanogenMod 11 built on Android 4.4. KitKat and the release of their CM phone, the Oppo N1, which was available for purchase on Christmas Eve. 



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  • crapocrapMod is worthless and a waste of memory and will make your device about as good as a device that has accidentally "hard bricked" but if you like collecting used toilet paper then by all mean.... nevermind find a custom ROM that doesn't suck and ruin an otherwise decent Android device made by whatever company. Or simply ROOT if wanted and keep the devices current version of Android but crapocrapMod ROMs suck

  • plck74 Jan 4, 2014 Link to comment

    will cyanogenmod allow control the speed, resolution on the screen and many more?

  • Dvoraak Jan 3, 2014 Link to comment

    I have, at times, rooted and run ROMs on every Android I've ever had. I've got to say I'm not likely to with the Note 3. There are simply too many incredibly useful features to be lost with a ROM. The thought of losing WatchOn alone is enough to keep me away from ROMs this time.

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