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DailyCash Pro - Keeping Spending in Check

DailyCash Pro - Keeping Spending in Check

“Where did all my money go?” – is a question that plagues the minds of people all over the world. What may appear like a simple question is actually extremely difficult to answer. How did your wallet go from being full of bills to empty in one night?

The only tested and trusted solution to this problem is keeping records of all your expenses.

DailyCash Pro helps you keep track of your purchases on your phone.


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Features & Use

General Info

DailyCash is the follow-up to the well-known MoneyManager program and includes many of the same options wrapped in brand new packaging.
Besides making things more simple and efficient, the new version also has a set of extra features, including taking pictures of receipts and managing multiple bank accounts.

Functions and Use

DailyCash Pro is an app that keeps tabs on all your expenses and earnings, giving you a clear overview of your personal budget. Although there is a ton of similar PC programs available, they often are too cumbersome and confusing to be of any use.
By the time you’ve gathered all your receipts and bills, most of us are too lazy to actually enter the information into the computer. The advantage with this app is that you can manage your account in real-time. Enter in expenses as soon as you spend the money.

Categories help to keep your costs organized

In order to increase your savings, it’s important to know what kind of things you spend the most money on. That’s why it’s important to keep clear categories of expenses when managing your account. This keeps you informed about how you earn and spend your precious money. With all of these important pieces of information you can start planning on how to optimize your budget. DailyCash Pro is especially useful for those of you that tend to carry around large amounts of cash.

Manage your income with DailyCash Pro

DailyCash Pro offers you a whole set of different functions that help categorize and manage your individual expenses. Additional information can be added to each transaction.

Select a date
This information helps you keep good track of your expenses during your week.

Add a notice

Adding notes to your expenses can help remind you what you spent your money on in the future.

Periodic expenses can be repeated automatically
Periodic payments that are made on a daily, weekly or monthly basis can be set up automatically. Unfortunately, you can’t specify a specific day when payments are due.

Add tags
I didn’t really understand the purpose of this function. Normally, placing your expenses in categories is enough. Having two options is better than one, I guess.

Add photos
I find this function to be very important and praiseworthy. As the saying goes, a picture can tell more than a thousand words. Sometimes it’s easier to take a picture of a purchase instead of trying to describe it in the notes section. You can also use this feature to scan receipts and bills.

Different reports give you a clear picture of your finances

There are four different reports available:

  • Input-Outflow
  • Cash flow
  • Category overview
  • Category comparison

Clicking in the middle of the main screen allows you to see all your expenses and earnings. You can adjust what you see by pressing the menu button a selecting a different viewing mode based on a set time frame.

Saving made easy

With Daily Cash Pro you can easily and quickly save your budget files and, if necessary, restore them. You can choose between exporting the information as a .csv file for sending via email or saving it directly to your SD card. Pressing the Restore button reverses the entire process.


DailyCash Pro is a cool tool for those of you wishing to add a bit more transparency to your personal finances. Unlike comparable money managing programs, there’s a whole range of useful options and feature to choose from. Managing several accounts at the same time is also made possible with DailyCash Pro. Compared to its predecessor Money Manager, this app is a huge step forward in the right direction.

The only thing DailyCash Pro lacks to earn a full five star rating is the absence of an import/export feature with Google Apps! This is a crucial feature for conducting a better analysis of your finances.

Screen & Controls

DailyCash Pro starts off with letting you choose a background:

  • Classical background
  • Grey background
  • Blue background

Obviously, it’s just a cute little gimmick, but it never hurts to add a personal touch to your app. DailyCash Pro is really great to use and it looks much better than its former “MoneyManager” self. Nevertheless, the app has a couple of obvious drawbacks. The biggest problem, in my opinion, is the fact that most features are hidden behind the menu button. As a result, you are constantly searching for the right options.

DailyCash isn’t always intuitive to use

The app could be a little more intuitive in several different places. You encounter your first problems when you create your first transaction entry. Everything starts off nice and easy with you clicking on either the + or – symbol to add an expense or earning. Then you have to select a category for the given transaction. Unfortunately, there aren’t any preset categories available so you have to make up your own. Frankly, I find it a big waste of time trying to create every possible category for my budget.
I don’t think that all expenses can belong to one specific category. It’s difficult to adjust and move expenses from one category to the other (or to multiple ones simultaneously) with this app.

Tips help you on your way

Using DailyCash Pro is made easier with all the built-in tips and tutorials. The first time your start up the app, all the features and functions are explained in detail. That’s definitely a good thing.


Design? Meh...

I’m sure that the skilled eye of a professional designer would give this app great boost. A lot of the structural and visual problems could be solved with a better user interface. A slicker design with better fonts and colors would make this app much more user-friendly. Adding beautiful self-explanatory icons is also clearly a must with this app.

Bottom Line:

3 or 4 stars? On the one hand, the developers really made some major improvements on the new version of this app. Compared to all the other money management apps out there; I think this app still deserves four stars. At the same time, I believe the developers should make even more progress in making this app better in terms of look and feel.

Speed & Stability

No problems or lags with DailyCash Pro on my Desire HD.

Price/Performance Ratio

DailyCash Pro can be downloaded from the AndroidPIT App Center for €3.99. There is also a free version available. Downloading the full version is recommended for people that are serious about their finances.


DailyCash Pro - Keeping Spending in Check DailyCash Pro - Keeping Spending in Check DailyCash Pro - Keeping Spending in Check DailyCash Pro - Keeping Spending in Check

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  • Don't mean to sound rude or anything, but who needs money management apps like this in the days of online banking?

    Personally, I virtually never pay for things in cash. I can just look at my account balance and every individual transaction I've made to keep track of my expenses.
    My bank happens to have a very good online banking system that comes with an Android app that works great. Reaching for your phone every time you buy a candy bar the vending machine seems like a huge waste of time for people that are needlessly anal about their personal finances.

  • Interesting concept if it works.
    We will see.