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Dante: THE INFERNO game

Dante: Virgil! It really is you…
Virgil: Dante, you’ve come, and I know why you’re here. You want to save the soul of your beloved Beatrice. Her husband killed her when he found out about your affair, and now her soul is roasting in the flames of hell…
Dante: Help me find her! You must be able to help me, seeing as you are so wise.
Virgil: I’ll help you, but you won’t be able to find the souls in Limbo, the outskirts of hell, so to speak. Find the gate and open it—but beware: you’re in grave danger. We won’t have much time to save Beatrice. If we’re not fast enough she will be condemned to hell in only a few hours…

Sounds intense? It is! And if you want to save Beatrice you should check out Dante: THE INFERNO game!

This review was written by Paulina Gegenheimer.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.6 1.6.1

Features & Use

Test device: G1
Android version: 1.1.6
Root: No
Usable as of version: 1.5
Demands authorization

In Dante: THE INFERNO game you are the warrior Dante out to rescue his beloved Beatrice from spending eternity in hell. In order to do so you must delve into the netherworld and fight your way through Limbo and past the countless souls therein, all the way into hell. This calls for bravery, aptness, and a bit of luck.

Virgil the wise is your ally and there to give you instructions and advice. Danger awaits along the way: abysses, arrows, fire, lost souls as well as other underworld dwellers lurking in the shadows and waiting to kill you, which means you have to tread the 121 levels carefully.

In order to open the gate at the end of each level you have to collect all the blue souls and reach a certain amount of points. If you manage you will get to the next level.

The lower levels are quite easy, but the game quickly becomes more challenging. All in all INFERNO is a fun adventure game.

The app’s design reminds me of an old Nintendo Gameboy game, which isn’t a bad thing for a free app, especially considering that only a few years ago you still had to shell out for these types of games.

INFERNO is an awesome game built around a famous story. I like games that lead up toward one ultimate goal, so this is a winner for me.


Screen & Controls

I’m very impressed by Dante: THE INFERNO game’s screen and controls. The app’s entire design – menu design, settings, overall design throughout the game – is made with a lot of attention to detail. Short texts appear between each level, and coupled with the rather dark look this really helps keep up the atmosphere of the story.

Controls are pretty neat:
When you start your first game a brief tutorial efficiently explains and gives examples for all the app’s functions.
Furthermore (and this scored extra brownie points), controls can be altered: you can decide if the control section should be on the left or right side of the screen, or if you want to navigate left/right on the left side and up/down on the right.

A lot of settings are possible – including sound – and can be found in the main menu which can be accessed by pressing Pause throughout a game.
If you’re not happy with the way things are going you can start the whole game over again from the beginning.


Speed & Stability

No complaints regarding Dante: THE INFERNO game’s stability. There have been faster apps, and you do have to wait while the app loads at the beginning as well as between the levels, but not for very long, so I didn’t find it bothersome.

Price/Performance Ratio

Dante: THE INFERNO game is a very good app, especially considering that you can get it for free. I was really surprised that the free version wasn’t just a “lite” version, but the actual full version—you get a lot, and for no money!


Dante: THE INFERNO game Dante: THE INFERNO game Dante: THE INFERNO game Dante: THE INFERNO game Dante: THE INFERNO game Dante: THE INFERNO game

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