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DavDrive - Managing Android smartphones via your computer

DavDrive - Managing Android smartphones via your computer

Cell phones are so much more than cordless telephones; not only do some devices provide you with a considerable amount of memory capacity, but it is also becoming more and more common that an exchange of data (music, videos, pictures) between a computer and a cell phone can take place. This leads to an important question: how can one get the best out of the memory space a smartphone can provide?

A popular first choice for accessing a phone’s SD card is USB connection—but it that really the best option out there?

DavDrive provides you access to the SD card via WLAN. You’ll find out more in today’s review.

This review is a result of a collaboration with the AndroidPIT community member Darth Weicon. Thanks!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.31 1.7.2

Features & Use

Testing device: HTC Desire
Android version: 2.2

DavDrive performs in the same way as a server would in the internet. You can access your phone via a browser or one of your file managers.
This allows you to work on your files exactly as you would from you computer.

• Copy file
• Move file
• Edit file
• Delete file

The downside (for which we’re knocking a star off the rating) is that it isn’t possible to access your computer from your phone. That’s a bit of a downer, but we’ll manage without, even without this feature.


Screen & Controls

DavDrive is extremely easy to use. In order to activate the app simple press on the on/off button. An IP address will then appear; the address has to be pasted to the browser. Please note that you need a login and password for the browser—the font of the pop up that tells you what to do is rather small and can easily be overlooked.

Press the menu button in order to access the following settings:

• Start: You can select if you want DavDrive to start up atumotically.
• File system: Create your core system as well as activate the Read Only mode which will ensure that no one can overwrite your SD card
• Authentification: Create a login and password
• Connection: Choose between http and https in order to create a port
• More Settings: A bunch of settings that might be of interest to professionals, but not essential for “average Joe’s”

Bottom line:

DavDrive provides your Android phone with fast, stabile connection. The app supports Mac OS X, Ubuntu, and Windows, which should make it easy for everyone – even those of you who don’t have a lot of experience dealing with smartphones – to connect your computers to your cell phones.
Anyone who’s like me and needs/wants to move large amounts of files to your phone will find DavDrive to be an absolute must have.

Speed & Stability

DavDrive reacts very quickly. Copying and pasting large amounts of data works really well.


Price/Performance Ratio

DavDrive can be downloaded from the Market/AppCenter for 0.99€. Considering what this little app is capable of the price is totally justified.



DavDrive - Managing Android smartphones via your computer DavDrive - Managing Android smartphones via your computer

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  • Sorin Dec 20, 2017 Link to comment

    It's really working ??!

  • it's corrupting all downloaded files bigger than 1mb. Please fix it.

    Just tried DavDrive v1.6.6 (2016.01.19) and it's working
    almost good, but big files (more than 1mb) are always corrupting
    (false data downloaded). You can try to download any archive from
    android memory and try to unpack it - archive is bad. Small files
    (less then 1mb) seems are not corrupting

    I made an example - folders synchronization (of my old backup that
    identical both on hdd and android card) in total commander
    As you can see all files less then 1mb are perfect. But the ones are
    bigger - get the false data. So there is some problem with it.

  • Ik work succesfully with DavDrive Lite, but on my Galaxy S4 Zoom I cannot reach my SD-chart that way. What to do?

  • This appears to be just what I am looking for. Although the eval says it can connect to the SD card, I am unable to. Can someone point me in the direction of a user manual or additional support? Thank You PeterF

  • magaria

  • Fabien Roehlinger
    • Admin
    • Staff
    Feb 3, 2011 Link to comment

    @Bernd H.: Why do you say this is crap, without letting us know the reason? This might be helpful for everyone...

    I use this app and I like it.

  • ! crap !

  • I'm the developer of DavDrive.
    I contacted Robert. Hope we can sort this out.
    In case of questions just send me a message.

    If you would like to know how the app is working have a look at:

  • A HTTP server is also part of File Expert, which is a full sized file manager.

  • this review is crap you can only browse file on your device. you CANNOT move or copy or edit or anything. if you are interested in playing music or looking at pictures on your device from a browser then this will be for you but get the free version. will not allow any movement or modification of any files in either direction, nor will it map as a network drive as mentioned. by the time you figure this out your 15 min window for refund is closed and you have lost your money. I am black listing this developer

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