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Dead Trigger 2 explodes in the Play Store at midnight!

The time is now fight fans. Or should I say survival fans. Or better yet, zombie apocalypse destroy anything hungering for human flesh fans. Dead Trigger 2, one of the most highly anticipated games on Android ever, is going to be unleashed on the world tonight at midnight. What better time than the witching hour to see this virus spread and infect the entire world. Where will you be when the apocalypse starts?

What? Today is the 23rd? The apocalypse is nigh! / © Madfinger Games

I'll be tucked up in bed, supplies at the ready, door barricaded against any intrusion and full of excuses as to why I'll look like a dead-eyed psycho tomorrow at work. If I don't catch a little sickness and not come in – who knows how fast these things can spread? Better to isolate myself. In case you've absolutely missed everything about this game, here's the skinny: an unknown virus turns humankind into raging, ravenous flesh eating undead and only a few survive. They must band together, pool their skills and resources and work together to stay alive and find others like them. Oh, and massacre as many zombies as is humanly possible with an impressive new arsenal.

Link to Video

The game is going to be real-time too, so the sooner you get it on your Android or iOS device and start playing the more of the action you'll see and take part in. The longer you wait the more you'll be missing out on. I've put the opening cut scene for you above in case you missed it before – it's basically like playing a mission-based 28 Days Later game – and there's a gameplay video already out from one lucky tester over at AppSpy if you wanted to get a look at what you'll be getting yourself in for.

dead trigger 2
Get ready son! Open fire!!! / © Pocket Gamer/Madfinger Games

The second installment is more mission-based than the first and an automatic trigger action has been added so you will open fire as soon as you place the cursor/cross-hairs over an encroaching corpse. So you can concentrate entirely on staying alive and claiming head shots. The graphics look just as impressive as the first Dead Trigger and, so the story goes, you'll be getting a round-the-world ticket to different countries as the virus spreads, although this is not yet confirmed. It's a freemium game too, so if you want to outfit yourself with the most ridiculous weapons right from the get-go to ensure your survival and maximum carnage, you better get your Google Wallet ready. The game itself is free to download and play though.

Will you be downloading Dead Trigger 2 tonight? Let us know your thoughts when you get it!

Source: Pocket Gamer


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  • Aznxking Oct 29, 2013 Link to comment

    I contacted Madfinger games about, if this game would have online multiplayer player like Shadowgun Deadzone. They did reply back and said in the coming months in a big update they will include online multiplayer like Shadowgun Deadzone. But currently they only have Global warfare missions.

  • Is everyone else else playing? I'm well into it (Sorry I didn't post when I could finally download - too excited!). Bring it on!

  • Wtf I cany find madfingers dead trigger 2 on google play store

  • Aznxking Oct 24, 2013 Link to comment

    Finally in Google Play Store.

  • Is it on google play yet please reply

  • its on appstore but when in app you have to download 3 games b4 ya can get dead trigger then ya cant even get on the server to get the game its self shitest realease of a game ever

  • Zion Tseu Oct 23, 2013 Link to comment

    It is already 5:53 in the morning in Asia still waiting....

  • Zion Tseu Oct 23, 2013 Link to comment

    It is 5:46 in the morning now in Asia!!

  • Iphone always gets these things first, Although it would be nice if Android and Apple got such a highly anticipated game at the same time. Ahhh one can only dream though.

  • OMG........STILL WAITIG MADFINGERS HURRY UP im sure we are all annoyed at this delay..............:'(:'(:'(:O

  • Anybody think that maybe apple paid madfinger games to release DT2 first on itunes? Maybe it is just a technical issue but you never know.

  • foxor Oct 23, 2013 Link to comment

    Not 10pm GMT either then? Hopefully the delay is so its on play and ouya stores together, I doubt it though...

  • Good point @Chris - whoever woulda thunk the apocalypse clock would be wrong? I hate the thought that the first stages of the game are being laid by iPhone users.

  • then why the counter ? n why dose ios get it hour before.... bloody companies kiss i-ass

  • Hmm, maybe it will be midnight after all...

  • Android first :(

  • I want my money back...

  • supposed to have been 9pm uk time surprise surprise was released on time for i-wankers of course to piss off over half your fans don't release on time for android but still release it for ios still well done

  • When will it be out!!!!!???????? WTF!!!!!????

  • "This website is not available"!?! Nooooooo!

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