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Deal: Backblaze Unlimited Backup one-year subscription - 50% off

Backblaze is the worldwide leader in unlimited online backup. No matter what data you want to store, or how much of it, you can place your trust in Backblaze's effortless cloud solution, and now you can get 50 percent off a one-year subscription in the AndroidPIT Deals Store.

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Simple, safe and unlimited: Backblaze offers the finest cloud storage solution. / © Backblaze

When you want to keep your files safe and secure, the cloud is a valuable place. Backblaze automatically and continuously backs up your data, so once you're set up, you don't have to worry about a thing. You can access everything you've backed up from all your devices, and the service even allows you to retain deleted files for 30 days. 

All your data is stored in data centers with biometric security, redundant power and 24-hour staff, to guarantee that your information is safe.

It's an elegant solution to what can become a complex problem. Don't wait to be hit by a computer crash or hacker incident: back up an unlimited amount of data today with a one-year subscription to Backblaze's unlimited backup solution for just US$24.99 – 50 percent off – in the AndroidPIT Deals Store.


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