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The best Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories: an ultimate guide

The best Samsung Galaxy S6 accessories: an ultimate guide

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 is one of the best smartphones ever, and one of its standout features is its rich, almost iPhone-like accessory ecosystem. From VR headsets to screen protectors, cases to chargers, there are just tons of ways to get more out of your phone. We've teamed up with MobileFun to bring you fifteen of our favourite accessories, including both official and third-party options, handpicked just for you.

samsung galaxy s6 reset
The Galaxy S6 is a great phone made even better with these accessories. / © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung Gear VR headset

Samsung’s Gear VR is perhaps the most convincing virtual reality headset to appear at retail, thanks to the Korean company’s partnership with VR industry leaders Oculus. You get access to many of the same apps and games in the Oculus storefront, and the motion-tracking is top notch. You can watch 360 videos on YouTube, watch live streamed sports with NextVR or tour the solar system with Titans of Space. Just stick your Galaxy S6 into the headset, slip it over your eyes, and you’re away—no PC needed.

  • Buy Now: Samsung Gear VR Headset for US$103 | £89
Samsung Gear VR Headset
VR has never been more accessible than with the Gear VR headset. / © MobileFun

Obliq Slim Meta case

The Slim Meta is a sleek and stylish case, going a little lighter on protection but much heavier on style than its peers. The two-tone design, with a metallic back panel and polycarbonate top, is eye-catching too. The case is also relatively inexpensive.

  • Buy Now: Obliq Slim Meta case for US$29 | £25
Obliq Slim Meta Case
Light and stylish: the Obliq Slim Meta case. / © MobileFun

a-JAYS FIVE earphones for Android

The headphones that come with the Galaxy S6 are a bit lacklustre, so if you spend a lot of time listening to music or watching videos then it makes sense to upgrade to something a little higher quality. There are plenty of options on the market of course, but we particularly like a-JAYS FIVE earphones, for their rich sound quality, helpful Android app and tangle-free cable.

  • Buy Now: a-JAYS FIVE earphones for Android for US$47 | £40
a JAYS FIVE Earphones 42568
Get an audio upgrade with the a-JAYS FIVE earphones / © MobileFun

Ghostek Atomic 2.0 waterproof tough case

Ghostel's Atomic 2.0 cases are designed to protect your phone from all common dangers: water, snow, mud, drops, scratches and vibration. The case includes seals around the ports and an integrated screen protector to prevent water ingress, while layers of shock-absorbing material ensure your phone survives a drop or twelve.

  • Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Tough Case for US$47 | £40 
Ghostek Atomic Waterproof Case
A deal for the rough and tumble smartphone user. / © MobileFun

Nonda Zus dual-port smart car charger and locator

The Nonda Zus is a stylish car charger, providing two ports with 4.8A of combined charging power (that's more than enough to charge phones and tablets at full speed). The Zus is also an automatic car locator, automatically saving your car's location so you can find it easily later.

  • Buy Now: Nonda Zua Charger and Locator for US$29 | £25
Nonda ZUS 2 Port Smart Car Charger
Charge your phone whille you're driving with this nifty device. / © MobileFun

Verus Dandy leather-style case

The Verus Dandy is perhaps our favorite wallet case, with a beautiful design that features natural colours, fine stitching and (on some models) coloured trim.

  • Buy Now: Verus Dandy leather-style case for US$24 | £20
Verus Dandy Leather Style Case
The classy case option. / © MobileFun

Official Samsung Qi wireless in-car charger and holder

Samsung themselves make perhaps the most advanced car dock for the Galaxy S6, offering all of the latest technology in a svelte package. You’ll get easy wireless charging in landscape or portrait modes, a sleek design, and you can even use it on your desk as an impromptu stand, if you like. The kit includes a car holder, USB charging cable and USB car charger.

  • Buy Now: Official Samsung Qi in-car charger for US$64 | £55
Official Samsung Qi Wireless Car Charger
Samsung's own in-car charger is the ultimate way to charge and use your device on the go. / © MobileFun

Olixar tempered glass screen protector

There are two kinds of screen protectors: plastic ones and tempered glass ones. Glass screen protectors cost more, but they’re easier to install, last longer and provide more protection than their plastic peers. This example from Olixar is a good example, cut to fit the S6 precisely.

  • Buy Now: Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector for US$16 | £13
Olixar Tempered Glass Screen Protector
This temepered glass screen protector offers lasting protection. / © MobileFun

Cover-Mate desktop charging dock

Having a desk dock has legitimately improved my life. I got one two weeks ago, and since then I’ve missed nary an important call, text or email. It’s much easier to keep an eye on your phone when it’s sitting up, and going home with 100% battery life is nice too.

  • Buy Now: Cover-Mate desktop charging dock for US$24 | £20
Cover Mate Desktop Charging Dock
Keep your phone charged and visible with this desktop charging dock. / © MobileFun

Olixar genuine leather wallet case

This wallet case is made from top quality premium leather, yet manages to sneak in at a pretty reasonable price. It's practical too, offering both a media stand and a few slots for cash and cards. If you're after a classical look and complete protection, front and back, then this is a reasonable choice.

  • Buy Now: Olixar genuine leather wallet case for US$12 | £10
Olixar Genuine Leather Wallet Case
Store your phone alongside all your important bits with this Olixar wallet case. / © MobileFun

Olixar CD slot mount

If you’d prefer a less expensive option that still securely holds your Galaxy S6 in the car, the Olixar CD Slot Mount is a great shout. It latches around your car's CD slot like a limpet, keeping your phone steady and stable while you look at GPS navigation or change your tune. It doesn't affect your CD player either — continue to listen to CDs as before.

  • Buy Now: Olixar CD Slot Mount for US$16 | £13
Olixar CD Slot Mount
A compact way to mount your phone inside your car. / © MobileFun

Maxfield M1 bamboo Qi wireless charging pad

There are a lot of Qi wireless chargers on the market, but few are as stylish as this one from Maxfield. The M1 is a wireless charger made from real bamboo, giving it a beautiful look and feel. The charger fits in well with most wooden desks and nightstands, and is more durable than a plastic equivalent too.

  • Buy Now: Maxfield M1 Bamboo Qi Wireless charging pad for US$47 | £40
Maxfield M1 Bamboo Qi Wireless Charging Pad
Reduce wiry messes around your home with this charging pad. / © MobileFun

Mercury Rich diary wallet

This stylish, elegant case is available in a quartet of colours, each wrought in a leather-style synthetic that feels great in your hand and protects against accidental drops. The case includes five credit card slots, ensuring you always have the right cards with you.

  • Buy Now: Mercury Rich Diary Wallet for US$24 | £20
Mercury Rich Diary Wallet
Store your cards together with your phone with the Mercury Rich diary wallet. / © MobileFun

Official Samsung adaptive fast charger

Fast charging is brilliant. It means that even if you have only 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes to charge your phone, you can still give yourself hours of extra battery life. This adaptive fast charger ensures you’re making the most of the phone’s capabilities, and you’re not left waiting to gout out while your phone slowly ticks towards 100%.

  • Buy Now: Official Samsung Fast Charger for US$27 | £20
Official Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger
Get your device charged as fast as possible. / © MobileFun

Official Samsung flip wallet cover

The Flip Wallet from Samsung is one of the best cases available for the phone, thanks to its combination of a slim fit, bright colours and a modern style. The synthetic cases are well made and fit perfectly (of course), and you're sure to find one in a shade that suits your mood.

  • Buy Now: Official Samsung Flip Wallet Cover for US$24 | £20
Official Samsung Flip Wallet Cover
A perfect fit for the Galaxy S6. / © MobileFun

This article was brought to you by MobileFun and has been vetted by AndroidPIT to ensure it meets our quality standards.

Did you see anything you liked? Got an accessory to recommend that we didn't cover? Let us know in the comments.

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