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Imagine you could get the professionals' view, before each game... PowerTable apps show you how!

Show Me How To Win. That was our brief from one of the top Premier League Managers. The result – the PowerTable. The PowerTable™ measures the ‘power’ that each team brings onto the field for every game. It can provide a game prediction based on a unique set of capability/performance metrics for each team.

With accuracy of up to 90%, the PowerTable analysts have created a series of apps which even the bookies don’t want you to see.

PTSoccer EPL is more than just another sports app. It offers in-depth analysis and predictions which any fan of the EPL cannot be without.

La Liga:
Want to know how your favourite Spanish team are doing? Want to keep up with the news from La Liga? Download PTSoccer La Liga for all the up-to-date news, analysis and predictions.

Serie A:
Everything you want to know about the Italian Serie A. See who the PowerTable predicts will win each game, follow your favourite club and view game stats live.

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