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01/09/2012 PRESS RELEASE Larry Joe Pana at the top of the charts ** URBAN Pana Larry Joe climb the list with 'I Conosi on Facebook, the first single from his next production, DECACHE ** ** Honduras, MUSIC, RECORDS .. is positioned as a leader in the urban music market ** The Honduran street artist is placed in fifth place in the Media Base chart with his song 'I Conosi on Facebook, including the theme''White''oh Morena DECACHE production and has become a mega hit of the national and international radio. Larry Joe Pana, in large part, are positioned in the fifth on the list just beginning to promote the theme (reggae version)''Facebook''I Conosi, DECACHE production, reaching the Latin American market.With these results, the independent label Honduras, MUSIC, RECORDS is positioned as a leader in product development and positioning of both urban and Latin America Central America and now in the United States.

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