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Want to keep your mail secure? Prevent mail providers (such as Google, Microsoft and others) from reading your mail? Help stop spoofing and phishing? Change your e-mail after you've sent it? Send e-mail attachments of unlimited size?

ECSMail does all this and more. Based on Envelope-Content Splitting (ECS), an exciting, new technology that supercharges your mail clients, ECSMail provides e-mail capabilities you never thought possible and which legacy mail technology simply cannot provide.

Want to enable your desktop mail clients for ECS? We offer that, too, for Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook (see Download today and enjoy the benefits of 21st century e-mail technology.

For help with configuring or using ECSMail, see

Please note: the promotional video shows how ECS works on Mozilla Thunderbird, a desktop mail client, but the principal is exactly the same for mobile devices. Also, localization for ECS-specific text is currently restricted to English. Let us know if you'd like to help out with localizations!

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    Do you want to: • Prevent your mail service providers and others (such as Google, Microsoft, the NSA, etc.) from reading your mail? • Protect yourself, your friends or your customers (...)

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