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  • Camera Ghost Detector

    Camera Ghost Detector is a new paranormal activity radar with camera ghost vision. It is the very first ghost detector to use the camera on Android. The ghost around you will be (...)

    • Google Play: (17,910)
    • AndroidPIT users: 0 👍  1 👎
    • Price: FREE
  • Camera Lie Detector

    Camera Lie Detector is the most accurate polygraph on android. This app knows if the person who is been analyzed is lying or saying the truth. It use the camera and the microphone (...)

    • Google Play: (1,345)
    • AndroidPIT users: 1 👍  0 👎
    • Price: FREE
  • Keep Calm Generator

    Keep Calm Generator is a brand new Keep Calm And Carry On Android App, and it is the most completed of them. You will be able to modify the text, text size and text color. As you (...)

    • Google Play: (15,714)
    • AndroidPIT users: 0 👍  0 👎
    • Price: FREE
  • Scratch That Logo Quiz

    Scratch That Logo Quiz is a brand new Android game where you have to scratch your phone’s screen to find out what logo is there, but be careful! You can not scratch the whole (...)

    • Google Play: (135,166)
    • AndroidPIT users: 0 👍  0 👎
    • Price: FREE