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Sean Kelly

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United States


We are an independent android development studio founded by Sean Kelly in 2011 when he published his first game "TwoD_mentia". Since that time we have published quite a few other games, most recently "Title Tomorrow".

Currently Sean Kelly has been the only member of the team, though he does get testing and feedback from others on occasion.

Hope you guys enjoy what we do!

Sean Kellyʼs apps

  • Kitten Vs. Zombie

    Kitten Vs. Zombie! A Side-scrolling, High-Score Adventure! Similar in gameplay to games such as super mario bros. and castlevania, Kitten Vs. Zombie takes the two most symbolic (...)

    • Google Play: (165)
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    • Price: FREE
  • Prodigy - Pocket Merlin (Free)

    Play the Free version of Prodigy, the first and only Merlin game for Android! Experience for yourself the classic games envisioned by Parker Brothers in a new modern era! Reboot of (...)

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    • Price: FREE
  • Title Tomorrow

    Title Tomorrow! A Reaction-Based Fighting / Survival Game! A fast paced reaction-based game in which you must try to counter & outmatch your opponent to get the next high score! (...)

    • Google Play: (21)
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    • Price: FREE