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Browse, Discover & Download

Browse extensive online book catalogs to find your next great read.
Seamlessly download thousands of ebooks, including best-sellers, new releases and classics (lot of them for FREE), to your Android Smartphone or tablet right from the application. No computer, no cable, no subscription. Tens of thousands of titles available for free.


Use tags and collections to organize your books. Browse your collection of digital books by title, author, subject, download date, latest read date or rating. Edit your book's cover art and detail information. Rapidly find what you are looking for using our search tool.


Personalize your reading experience. Adjust the font and background colors, front type, font size, margin, alignment as well as the display brightness to best suit your preferences.


With the import feature, you can import your own ebooks into the digital library inside the application, enjoy reading them anytime and anywhere you go.

What's in this version:

Fully redesigned user interface
Support for both EPUB and PDF
Support for Adobe DRM
Support for password-based DRM
Access to new releases and best sellers
Improved typography and text rendering
Support for hyphenation
Text selection support
Copy/paste support
Improved font selection
Improved import function
Improved dictionary feature
Overall progress bar
Customizable screen timeout
Access notification bar while reading
Borrow books from libraries
Much more...

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