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Cancerblock extends battery and keeps you safe by reducing your phone’s radiation. Plus, 10% of our profits go to cancer research!

Cancerblock is an application for the android operating system that limits exposure to a cell phone’s radiation energy and significantly improves battery life. For a period of time determined by the application’s user, Cancerblock turns off all four cell phone radiation energy sources—antenna, Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth— limiting exposure to both the known and unknown side effects of extended cell phone use. With a default schedule of 15 minutes off and 1 minute on, Cancerblock can reduce radiation exposure by 9,408 minutes in one week or a total reduction of 93.33%! The application features a simple interface that allows users to customize the application to their schedule. Cancerblock can be purchased for $2.99, 10% of which will be donated to cancer research. Currently, Cancerblock llc is developing the application for the iPhone operating system.

“The most recent science – while not conclusive – raises serious issues about the cancer risk of cell phone use that must be addressed through further research. [But we] can take steps to reduce exposure [now].”
- Olga Naidenko, Ph.D. - EWG senior scientist

“I never realized all the risks associated with cell phone usage!”
- Customer age 22

“Cancerblock has opened my eyes”
- Customer age 45

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