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Also we are proud to inform you that we bought exclusive rights for all products and server decisions of Vivat Computer Service (TM Qplaze) well known in CIS content developer.

Ukrainian office represents our company interests in CIS countries and Baltic States. Evgeniy Korobka the sale department director in CIS and Baltic States of NOMOC Publishing was appointed as president of NOMOC Publishing Ukraine.

Evgeniy Korobka works in content-service sector for more than 4 years. He has successful experience in developing of important projects in the sector of mobile service in Ukraine. That s why we re glad to see him as a head of our publisher Ukrainian office, also he perfectly understands this market, knows content-providers business from within, knows their problems and successes. But the main thing is that Evgeniy (may be it is high-flown said but it is still truth) is a sincere admirer of mobile game industry - said the president of Vivat Computer Service (TM Qplaze) Andrey Baranovskiy.

Today, there are more than 100 premium games in the catalogue of NOMOC Publishing; all these games have great success in CIS and Baltic States and in EU states. Two new games noted by large European aggregators were published in November. Soon you ll be able to buy these games on such operator portals: Vodafone, T-Mobile, Orange etc. Age of Heroes III Orc s retribution the most successful Qplaze project will be published in December. You can already see the story of the game on official game site:

8 new games will be proposed by NOMOC Publishing to content-providers in the beginning of 2007, these games will be distinguished by their ideas and design quality!

I know the Qplaze team for a long time. They astonish all the time! I visited their mind attack sessions when discuss their new and current projects surgeon s words occur We re losing them, doctor - their discussions are so hot, so you start to think that they live in their games I m pleased by our companies decision to cooperate! this will be very successful cooperation!.. - said the president of NOMOC Publishing Ukraine Korobka Evgeniy.

In a view of frequent piracy cases in the sector of intellectual property, all NOMOC Publishing products are protected by the certifications of Russian FIIP (Federal Institute of Industrial Property). All companies rights for presented games, content and server-based decisions are proved by the exclusive right contracts with rightholders or copyrights for own products.

The only obstacle to NOMOC s entry on the market of CIS and our work with some content-providers is a conflict with Russian Mobile Entertainment company having no right for Qplaze products and didn t wanting to recognize that. But this question is the competence of the group of law companies working with us. For the majority of providers, the receiving of the letter from Vivat Computer Service (TM Qplaze) the single and exclusive owner of the games and from our company, it was enough reason to start cooperation. But it strange to hear requests (these are rear cases) to receive something else it looks like you were asked by the policeman to show something else except passport to certify your person - said NOMOC Publishing Ukraine sales manager in CIS and Baltic States, Irina Litviakova.

Server-based decisions, developed by us or by our partners, licensing is the special trend of NOMOC Publishing work. We re going to propose to content-providers and operators new services having no analogues on the CIS market and increasing your partner s income.

In October 2006 service Mobile Safe was launched with operator Kievstar. This service grows 50 % monthly in quantitative and financial indexes that s a real success, knowing that 6 months before we tried to persuade everyone to launch this service. Tried to persuade everyone that this service will be essential for the market ... and now we have 12 requests for this service , - said Korobka Evgeniy.

Every year NOMOC Publishing will hold the ceremony NOMOC Awards presenting the winners valuable prizes and decorations. Companies-winners will be able to pretend on special cooperation conditions with NOMOC Publishing, advertising support of NOMOC Publishing products selling.

NOMOC Publishing welcomes everyone who carries on business with honesty, quality, prospects and respect to partners! Let s develop civilized market, and gain moral and financial satisfaction.

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