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Mobo Studio

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Mobo Studio, which was set up by 2 highly experienced Entrepreneurs in 2009 who came from reputable international organisations, provide a first class mobile/tablet development and design service.
Our client base has expanded rapidly and includes international names such as Samsung and Roche
Our service, user experience and quality has been highly acclaimed and due to this we are a rapidly expanding business.

We are not only developers, but we can also provide support for the invent and design of your project. We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with the latest produdct developments and we are continuously aimining to push the boundaries.

In addition we can also help with the publishing of your mobile apps and games.

We became Samsung BADA partners and worked on many applications for Samsung. Some of them achieved No. 1 in the Samsung Apps store.

We support the following technologies:

- iPhone/iPad
- Android
- Blackberry
- Samsung BADA
- J2ME

For more information please contact us at:

Here is some of technologies / frameworks /api which we have used in mobile applications:
Google Maps Kit, Motion sensor, Location services, OpenGL, OpenAL audio processing, Cocos2d games framework, Chipmunk physics engine, Internet Audio streaming, CC payment integration, Brightcove SDK integration, Andengine games framework, J2ME Polish framework, In-app purchase, Subsciptions - cheddargetter, Bluetooth communication - games, REST communication, Asymetric keys signing, encoded SMS listening and interpretation , SQL lite, ORM lite, Openstreet Maps, Openfeint, ...

Mobo Studioʼs apps

  • Modern Flip Clock Free

    Ads supported demo of a unique, clear and modern version of a flip style clock, which displays the rolling digital time in hours, minutes and seconds. Application shows full screen ads (...)

    • Google Play: (139)
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    • Price: FREE
  • Talking Clock & Timer Demo

    This is a demo version only. It will automatically disable after 30 minutes. You can close and reopen the App for the next 30 min. period. Talking Clock Pro is the most technologically (...)

    • Google Play: (399)
    • AndroidPIT users: 0 👍  0 👎
    • Price: FREE
  • Talking Clock & Timer Free

    It is a fully functional version of the Talking Clock & Timer with advertisements. Talking Clock & Timer is the most technologically advanced voice time announcement application for the (...)

    • Google Play: (513)
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    • Price: FREE