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Shell M. Shrader

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United States
Philadelphia, PA, USA


Shellware was established in the late 1980s, originally meant to trademark software solutions developed by Shell M. Shrader. Over the years it has evolved to capture various things that Shell, and his family, do in life. Shell has been developing software for over 25 years, and enjoys sharing his work with others who have similar interests.

Shell M. Shraderʼs apps

  • AR.Pro 2.1

    Command your Parrot ARDrone V1 or V2 on virtually any (modern) Android device! Includes full native support for Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwitch, Jellybean, and Kit Kat. AR.Pro (...)

    • Google Play: (381)
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    • Price: EUR 3.66
  • AR.Pro Firmware Pack V1

    Visit the official Parrot website if you are having problems connecting to AR.Pro. Parrot's latest firmware (1.7.4+) must be installed on your drone if you are new to AR.Pro: (...)

    • Google Play: (215)
    • AndroidPIT users: 0 👍  0 👎
    • Price: FREE
  • File Synchronization Service

    The Shellware File Synchronization Service is an Android stay-resident application that monitors your Camera and Download folders for new files. When new files are detected they are (...)

    • Google Play: (12)
    • AndroidPIT users: 0 👍  0 👎
    • Price: FREE
  • Poke Back for Book of Face

    Tired of keeping up with the Pokes you receive from all your friends on Facebook? Poke Back for Facebook installs as a background application on your Android device and (...)

    • Google Play: (286)
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    • Price: FREE