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dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application
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dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application

When conducting a search for a dictionary app you inevitably come across the Google Translate application, and that's fine because it is a good app to work with. However, what about when you don't have any internet connection but still want to use a dictionary? A situation which, by the way, is most likely to occur precisely when you most need access to a reliable dictionary, i.e. when you're abroad and don't have data and can't connect to WiFi.

This is where dict.cc+ dictionary comes in: all of its dictionary packages can be saved locally, meaning they can then be accessed even when there's no internet.
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Reviewed version Latest version
2.2 7.1

Features & Use

Test device
-Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.1.1

dict.cc+ dictionary is the official application of the popular dictionary website.

The search bar is omnipresent throughout the app. The tool is surrounded by navigation buttons and there's an indication of which language package you are using. There's also a button with which you can delete you entries, but this, unfortunately, did not work on my Galaxy Nexus.

The main screen also provides access to the last search entries, the vocab quiz and all the installed language packages. There are 27 languages in total! Check out this impressive list: Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Esperanto, Finnish, French, Greek, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish.

Downloading a language package is easy and effortless. Simply select a language and whether you want the large or smaller vocab package. The large English-German package is 210 MB, the smaller one only 8 MB.

The large vocabulary package has approximately one million words and idioms, so it's pretty hefty. A lot of synonyms and alternatives are displayed along with the most accurate translation of a term. As with most classic dictionaries, there are also brief explanations of the search term, as well as an audio option in case you want to hear how a word is pronounced (the latter requires internet connection).

The Quiz Game is another exclusive feature that can be found only in the payed for version of the app. A randomly selected word is displayed and the user has to select the most accurate translation from the four displayed options. There's no end result or best score list, which is a but of a pity and could be an idea for the next upgrade. 

Bottom line:

dict.cc+ dictionary is a great tool for people who work with multiple languages, travel abroad frequently or are language geeks. The English-German language package is very substantial, as are some of the the other language options. The app provides a list of synonyms and alternatives, a thesaurus style explanation of a given term and makes it easy to translate when you're in the go. The vocabulary quiz is also a fun way to keep your linguistic skills sharp and polished.

My main critique is that there isn't (yet?) an option to use more than one installed language package at a time.

Screen & Controls

dict.cc+ dictionary user friendliness is great. Even when you've got more that one language package installed the app remains easy to to navigate.
The design is also geared towards ease of use and is easy to follow, but there's still a bit of room for improvement here. For instance, search results are simply lined up in a manner that feels unstructured, rather than being listed neatly in a table.
However, overall we are very pleased with the app's performance in this category.


Speed & Stability

The app's speed and stability are solid. We were able to download the dict.cc+ dictionary language packages without any problems.


Price/Performance Ratio

dict.cc+ dictionary usually costs EUR 2.96. As our app of the week we are pleased to announce that dict.cc+ dictionary can be downloaded for only EUR 1.49.

If you're looking to simply check out the app to see if it's a good fit you can also check out the free version of the app, which has ad banners, the payed for version does not. The full version of dict.cc+ dictionary also has an additional vocabulary quiz.



dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application dict.cc+ dictionary – The official application

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