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Is Android a prude? How to disable Google Keyboard obsene words filter
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Is Android a prude? How to disable Google Keyboard obsene words filter

What is the logic behind the words accepted and filtered out by Google on their Android keyboard? Google Keyboard rejects many words which they obviously deem as ‘insulting’ or ‘profane’ when it comes to auto-complete. Today we will show you how to get rid of these freedom of speech-inhibiting filters and allow you to get free-reign of all the dirty, scuzzy and sometimes even normal words that Google chose to ban.

cyberhacker keyboard
 © Gerd Altman / pixelio.de, nh / AndroidPIT

Google banned more than 1,400 words from the English language for its keyboard: some are naughtier than others while others show how Google often tries to tip-toe around some political or cultural points to avoid committing any risky faux-pas. They’ve banned potentially insulting words like ‘butt’ and ‘geek’, others like ‘panty’, ‘braless’, ‘tampax’, ‘lactation’, ‘STI’ and ‘preggers’ which reinforces my thoughts that Google is a bit uptight and should grow up. ‘Condom’ is also a no-no, and you can completely forget about drug-related terms, ‘morphine’, ‘bong’ or ‘methamphetamine’ to name a few. They also don’t accept Islam-related terms like ‘Sunni’ but accept the names of their biggest competitors ‘Apple’ and ‘Microsoft’. Strangest of all, Google products like ‘Chromebook’, ‘Zagat’ and ‘AdMob’ have been given the boot, while iPhone is a-ok.

Though it seems that Google has a problem with sexuality and words that are slightly taboo, there’s a way of disabling these filters for auto-complete. If you do have virgin eyes when it comes to seeing naughtier words, you might want to keep the filters on for your own protection.

Here is how to disable the ''obscene'' words block:

1. Go into your Android settings.

2. Under the subcategory ''Personal'', tap on ''Language and input''.

androidpit google keyboard
 © AndroidPIT

3. From there, find the ''Google Keyboard'' under ''Keyboard & Input Methods''.

4. Scroll down and uncheck ''Block offensive words''.

androidpit google keyboard 2
It's only sex, Google!© AndroidPIT

Done! Enjoy your freedom of speech as well as the time it will save you when you don't need to type in every letter of butt.

Source: Wired


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  • It's a little different process on my Sprint GS4 but I found the setting. Thanks!

  • I understood that part of the reasoning behind the removal of these words was to keep them from being inserted by the oh-so-helpful autocorrect feature.

  • Just answer the poor guy for crying out loud!
    Phillip, VD= Venereal Disease & STD= Sexually Transmitted Disease.
    See? Now how hard was that?

    • My1 Dec 5, 2013 Link to comment

      thanks for that. the problem is that I often tend to get the wrong meaning of an abbreviation, as seen above which can be quite annoying...
      STD for example is also the IATA code for Santo Domingo
      and VD can also be Vapor Density.
      (source Wikipedia)

  •   6
    Deactivated Account Dec 5, 2013 Link to comment

    Is VD blocked? How about STD?
    How about Unix? Linux? bsd? System V?

  • and this is why I use Smart Keyboard (no neutering taking place in spell check!) ;-)

  • My1 Dec 4, 2013 Link to comment

    especially since Geek and STI were blocked, I am kinda confused. STI is a normal IATA (international Airport) Code, also it's Stock index (Singapore Exchange), so why ban that???
    and geek is what we call ourselves, obviously, no offense...