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Do you still trust Samsung smartphones?

Do you still trust Samsung smartphones?

The debacle with the Galaxy Note 7 has left deep scars. Not just financially, but the reputation of Samsung's products has also been tarnished as a result of the incident. In a recent survey, over 30 percent of current Samsung users would never again buy a new smartphone from the brand. We want to know whether you've lost trust in Samsung.

Who could have thought, at the introduction of the Galaxy Note 7, that this smartphone could result in such deep negative impact on Samsung. The Note 7 should have given the company a strong end-of-year sales boost to but instead, it looks as if it has triggered a negative trend in the long term.

This trend is confirmed by the survey conducted by Branding Brands. In the survey, 1000 owners of Samsung smartphones were asked whether they would buy a smartphone from the South Korean manufacturer, despite the Galaxy Note 7 debacle. Forty percent of respondents said they were considering changing phone brand. Of those, thirty percent said they'd even leave the Android ecosystem and get an iPhone. Eight percent of respondents said they would grab a Google Pixel, instead of a Samsung smartphone.

But we want to know what YOUR opinion is. Did the Galaxy Note 7 make your confidence in Samsung smartphones dwindle or is your trust in Samsung unwavering, not forgetting the way they reacted to best protect their users?

Would you buy a Samsung smartphone after the Note 7 incident?
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  • Hussain Ahmadi Oct 18, 2016

    The above poll result shows clearly what REAL people think because it is a real poll. Everybody knows that without Samsung Android would not have been what it is today. Even Google alone had absolutely no power to make Android spread worldwide without Samsung.

    People trust Samsung and I also think that it is Samsung who push competitors and forces them to provide new stuff. Imagine if Samsung did not exist! We would not have had large screens or OLED and many other stuff for phones

  • Faron Frisby Oct 18, 2016

    The Note series is now and will continue to be a great product! Samsung responded appropriately to the issue with the battery on the Note 7 by halting production and sales. My personal opinion is that Samsung should continue to produce the Note series but stop worrying so much about beating Apple to the punch and make sure your devices are safe for consumers. Apple doesn't offer the one thing that sets the iPhone and Note series apart, the S pen. So slow down Samsung. For those of us that use the Note products, the S pen is where the rubber meets the road. I don't want an iPhone, I want a Note 7 (or 8, or whatever you decide to call the next one) that is safe to use and does all the wonderful and useful things all the rest of my Samsung Galaxy Note products have done in the past. One lemon (for lack of a better word) does not define the whole Samsung brand. Just adjust and fix the problem and keep moving forward Samsung. The Note series still rocks! .

  • Jonathan Mogale Oct 18, 2016

    Samsung will always get my money simply because they are the only company trulky trying to. Innovate. People slag off TouchWiz but look at the innovations brought by that skin. My next phone will be a Samsung. No need to even think about it.

  • Bastian Siewers Oct 18, 2016

    Yeah I really agree. This is a big hit for Samsung, but most people will not care enough and realise that Samsung is still a great manufacturer. And they have the power to overcome this.


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  • Note 2 emmc bug and SDS, note 7 burning phone, when you try to change a broken phone they change only the motherboard after you send the phone for 3 times in service, bad charging cords,no firmware updates for older phones with kitkat, why? To buy new phones, bad company.

  • If you bought Note7 already knowing it performs half as iPhone then you will buy another Samesung for sure... go read xda forum on how bad the performance is... these poll results must be paid or rigged...

  • Anyone who has ever owned any note since the note 3 should know that, the Samsung notes get hot. I a freaking full on computer that fits in the palm of your hand for goodness sake, a computer without a fan.

    I really want to and think I might keep my 2nd round note 7 . there is no other phone that can even compare to this phone thus far. If so please let me know but it better have a stylus and be able to download any app you want from the Google play Store etc...

    If anything I wish I kept my round 1 note 7 that battery lasted literally all day. And charged quickly....

    America should buy out Samsung and make it the best phone in the universe.

  • Samsung forever.

  • Android it's about choices. Note 7 is a great phone but is not the only great phone. Once you start to think in a one brand mode you have become Apple. I care about Android the phone its just the means to an end and we have manny choices.

  • How soon people forget about the Apple disasters over time.

  • Ok, Here's the deal, This is what I call KARMA, first they fixed it where we could add an sd card and then they took it away, and then they fixed it where we could carry an extra Battery to make till noon. What did they do then? They took it away and sealed it all inside. OK, SAMSUNG there's what I call Karma " the Note 7 " pay back. Maybe if you bring back what you took away and then Boost things up with a Real good Battery that give more time like 2 or 3 days you might WIN us back.

  • Never had a Samsung, but still consider it a good brand. Apple had problems with batteries with the Ipods and people still trust in Apple. It's not so different.

  • I would not have any other manufacturer then Samsung just think when the incident with the note 7 came about they replaces replaced them and gave credit to the customers who had purchased them. I returned the first note 7 for a replacement i am mot having any issues and will not be returning my note 7 again i will keep it and continue to buy Samsung producta

  • Went out and got two galaxy S7s and am very confident and happy.

  • I have never got a Samsung device again after my Tab 10.1 2014 edition. Top hardware but only few countries got a software update. Samsung is good in sales but VERY bad in support after. NEVER SAMSUNG AGAIN. For half the price you can get a Chinese device that's as good as the Samsung ones on the hardware. The UI can always be modified.

  • Love my S7 and can't wait for the s8. Will order asap. I also would like to comment" F--- Apple.

  • I still will stuck to Samsung, because it seems to be the best alternative to most of all smartphone providers. Their is nothing wrong with the 7-series, and it was really bold by Samsung to withdraw the Note 7 despite the losses.

    • Bold? wow... just wow... they are already facing music because of phones burning and people asking for loses... if they continue to sell then imagine how much they will lose more... use brain before commenting... there is no boldness...they should be ashamed to compare them to Apple and poke fun at Apple always but failed to do their basic job of customer safety...

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