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Does HTC's Next Phone Blatantly Rip-Off the iPhone 5?
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Does HTC's Next Phone Blatantly Rip-Off the iPhone 5?


Coming up with an interesting and unique design for a brand new phone can be a strenuous process. There aren't a hell of a lot of ways to differentiate yourself from the pack. That said, sometimes manufacturers become truly lazy and blatantly rip-off the designs of others. Is that what HTC has done with their latest entry, the HTC One?

The evidence is piling up and it looks like the new HTC phone (either called the HTC One or the HTC M7, depending which rumor you believe) is really going to look like the phone pictured in the image above. There's only one problem: it looks just like the iPhone 5.

Here's another picture of the phone next to the iPhone 5. As you can see, the color – charcoal gray – looks similar to the iPhone 5, as does the shape of the phone, including the speaker and the receiver.

Now, we don't know for certain if this is the model that HTC is actually going to release. It could end up looking slightly different. But the source – evleaks – is reliable, having successfully leaked many images of phones in the past, including the Motorola Atrix and others.

In any case, I think HTC may have a problem. Not with Apple's lawyers, but with potential customers. Without a clear design strategy, how will the company stand out from the pack? HTC needs to hit this one out of the field, but with a design as stale as this, they'll be lucky to make it to first base. It looks lazy, ugly and 6 months late. 

What do you think?

Source: The Verge


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  • Rutger Feb 18, 2013 Link to comment

    The Apple/HTC deal finally shows.......

  • If this HTC M7 was like the iPhone5? It would have a poor Map app (lol)

  • ChrisR Feb 18, 2013 Link to comment

    The evidence is definately piling up! The HTC is a square phone with curved edges, just like the iphone and most other phones ever released. You morons.

  • To Me? This HTC ONE / HTC M7 looks like an updated HTC EVO 3D / HTC EVO V - aka those repurposed 4G Lte Sprint Android Smart Phones for Virgin Mobile & Boost Mobile that came with Ice Cream Sandwich software ... This does not look like an updated HTC ONE X / HTC ONE S / HTC ONE V, but I hope it has decent battery life, & comes as 32gig (vs a 16gig model) as I agree with many here on AndroidPit that HTC needs to deliver in 2013 (or it will not last into 2015)!

  • rbSoft Feb 16, 2013 Link to comment

    I do not think it looks lazy, ugly and 6 months late. Of course it looks a little like an iPhone5 because it has a minimalistic design - an that always looks nice (in my opinion anyway). The proportions (height/width) are a little nicer, not like a towel. If it doesn't suffer HTC typical weak battery problem this could be a success.

  • Imran Feb 16, 2013 Link to comment

    black z10 ??

  • bits Feb 15, 2013 Link to comment

    in a class of it's own. HTC :-)

  • it does look identical to the iphone 5's back housing, only the colors are reverted (gray on the outer part and black glass on the inner) but yeah the HTC One is a lot more similar to the BlackBerry Z10 on the front than to the iPhone 5.... looks like someone just wants to make Apple seem creative and diss HTC ;)

  • John A Feb 15, 2013 Link to comment

    nope' not like each other at all except a rectangle with curved corners

  • Ti Mo Feb 15, 2013 Link to comment

    I don't think it looks like the ophone at all Oo

  • very good