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Does This Image Sum Up Apple's Patent War Against Samsung?

Does This Image Sum Up Apple's Patent War Against Samsung?

There's an image circulating around the internet that seems to sum up the patent war between Samsung and Apple. On one side of the image, you can see what Samsung phones used to look like before the iPhone. On the other side are the phones Samsung released after the iPhone. Except this image only tells part of the story.

As Phandroid's Chriz Chavez reports, timing matters. The LG Prada phone that was announced the same month as the iPhone bears a striking similarity to Apple's device, as does the F700 QWERTY slider which was announced a mere month after the iPhone. "Are we supposed to believe that Samsung and LG built an entire device in 1 months time?" asks Chavez. It seems ridiculous to assert Samsung and LG would be able to copy Apple in such a short period of time.

Furthermore, the development of Android pre-dates the iPhone's announcement. Since both companies are guilty of "borrowing" ideas from the other, I'd say it's time for the squabbling to end. From a broader perspective, it's a stalemate. 

Source: Phandroid

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  • All this childish sniping from Apple only serves to make me glad I have never gone down the Iphone route, and never will.
    Henry Ford made cars with the engine in the front, and mostly painted black, does that mean no other car manufacturer should have made cars with the engine in the front, or painted them black.
    Come on grow up Apple.

  • I long for a present (& future) where Companies can applaud each other's innovation & then impress their Competitors by delivering better Consumer Electronic Goods (its on par with each Automotive Manufacturer trying to deliver a better Hybrid - or All Electric - Vehicle then their competitor ... except nobody is pointing a finger & crying foul in court) ...

  • Apples a big baby

  • I had an HTC Touch woth Windows Mobile Professional many months before the iPhone ever hit the street. That phone also featured a touch screen with GUI interface, rounded corners, flat thin design and a single button in the middle at the bottom. Was it also an iPhone copy?

    Let's get real here.... market demand is what drives design direction. Certain features and functions lead to natural design evolutions.

  • Sean, that's an excellent observation. I think it's ridiculous for Apple to think they've patented the idea of a touchscreen slab-like device. Wasn't that the direction in which phones were going in the first place?

    Thanks for your super-insightful commentary...it's always nice to have some reasonable voices.

  • With the increasing popularity in smartphones by 2007, particularly models using touch screens. It became inevitable that this kind of device would use the candy bar format and have a screen that takes up most of the front. What other format makes sense?

    It needs to feel nice in the hands and comfortable in the pocket. Hence rounded corners and as thin as hardware will allow. None of these design features are new or innovative, they just make sense. They don't deserve patent protection.

    It must have been 2006 when I had a T mobile windows mobile 3 phone (I forget the model) made by HTC that broadly had these design aspects. When the first i phone came out I didn't see anything new, just expensive and locked down, so I gave it a pass.

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