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Donald Trump on e-mobility: "All-electric is not going to work"
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Donald Trump on e-mobility: "All-electric is not going to work"

In an interview with Fox News, US President Donald Trump has criticized General Motors' turnaround to start producing electric cars. But GM's new change won't take place anytime soon...

Donald Trump's words were clear: "They've changed the whole model of General Motors; they're going to all-electric. All-electric is not going to work." The president also criticized the layoffs made by GM CEO Mary Barra, adding "I don't like what she did, it was nasty."

Donald Trump's criticism lacks substance

Trump's criticism is misguided, however, because GM has no plans at all to convert their entire fleet to electric vehicles. Although the group has announced that it will invest more in this technology, it's not aiming for a complete change, at least not in the next ten years. This means that GM's announcement hardly differs from the e-mobility initiatives of almost all other car manufacturers.

The elimination of 15,000 jobs in America and the closure of some GM plants also have nothing to do with the announced shift towards electric cars. GM is struggling with declining demand for its own vehicles in the US domestic market and rising commodity prices, including the punitive tariffs that Trump himself imposed on steel imports.

Trump previously hadn't commented on the topic of e-mobility. Trump is a proponent of the internal combustion engine and supports the promotion of fossil fuels. The GM group mainly sells Chevrolet cars in the United States. At the end of the 1990s, GM offered an electric car in the General Motors EV1, but only in extremely small numbers. Only about 800 EV1 were actually sold, and only 1,117 vehicles were manufactured.


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  • Dictator Trump says all electric not gonna work because he's afraid USA becomes less dependant to the Arabic oil states and he can't start war there any more under false flag of fighting "terrorists" but in real its all about oil. Starting war around the world in countries USA has no business whatsoever has become a bad habit of US presidents who need fresh cash flow....
    All electric is gonna work, just look at European countries like the Netherlands, Germany, France etc. More and more public chargepoints rise everywhere and so on.
    Trump is master of puppets and misleading US people right from day one he became dictator uhhh president.

    • What war did he start? The USA is so much bigger than those countries so chargepoint will take decades to develop. By the way, the US leads in this.

  • The problem with an all EV, is you have to charge it. Now, considering most people "work during the day", that means greater demand on the power grid at night. Plus, that power has to be generated in order to charge the batteries. Yes, solar & wind can take some of the demand, but, for "instant" power, you have to generate it. Either from coal, hydro, nuclear, ON DEMAND. Even if you have the storage capacity, solar/wind won't be able to make it up. Coal, LP-Gas, hydro & nuclear will be needed.
    Hybrid car would be better than an all electric, or, have a setup like a locomotive. The engine does nothing but run the electric motors. Use a small engine, to generate the electricity for the storage batteries.

    • storm 4 months ago Link to comment

      nighttime is low demand anyway so a lot of the daytime
      generation can work during the night without adding new infrastructure. Many locales offer discount power after 8 p.m. to run your dishwasher or washing machine during those hours when the demand is off peak. I haven't seen numbers to know that there's enough off peak power or not but it's not all bad news

    • Exactly

  • storm 4 months ago Link to comment

    Trump isn't all wrong. There will likely always be some demand for liquid fuels. But it could mostly go electric. It takes the least infrastructure development of any of the options.

    • I don't know. IT seems it would take a lot to get it up ad going in a country like the US where there are a lot of people that live rurally.