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Draw Something Free – Drawsome!
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Draw Something Free – Drawsome!

Anyone who likes drawing by hand might want to check out an app that allows you to turn your smartphone into a canvas.
Draw Something Free is a fun way to explore your artistic talents, at least as far as making digital drawings on a hand held device goes. If you’re keen to activate the left part of your brain, read on!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.3.6 2.400.007

Features & Use

Okay, so Draw Something Free won’t turn you into the next Picasso, but it will allow you to play a fun guessing game with your friends as well as score points that will activate new features.

Log into Facebook to start a draw-off with one of your friends or other Draw Something Free aficionados via user name, email or random selection.

If you enjoy a bit of a challenge, why not invite your friends to a draw-off. If your friend can guess what your masterpiece is meant to be you both receive credit points.

The coolest feature is no doubt that you can see a drawing and the drawing process (i.e. every line that was drawn or erased) in a video.

Whenever you guess what your partner has drawn correctly you get to try your hand at creating a drawing yourself. Before starting a drawing you can choose one of three topics and three levels of difficulty. Once you run out the bombs required for topics you will need to buy more credits.

When you first start off you only have the colours black, yellow, red and blue to work with as well as a pen and rubber/eraser.

To male things a bit more interesting you can check out the stats and compare them to how your friends are doing.

Bottom line

A great app for anyone who likes to doodle and/or play a sort of online pictogram game, regardless of how old you are. Use credits points to buy more colours and features.


Screen & Controls

Draw Something Free is fun to look at thanks to lots of cute graphics. There are ad banners to contend with, which is a bit of a downer, but the app is well designed overall.

Devices that come with pens such as the Galaxy Note are especially good for Draw Something Free. You can literally draw on the screen, and the result is much neater and more precise than when using clumsy fingers.

Speed & Stability

Draw Something Free performs well enough and runs fluidly.

Price/Performance Ratio

Draw Something Free can be downloaded for free from Google Play.


Draw Something Free – Drawsome! Draw Something Free – Drawsome! Draw Something Free – Drawsome! Draw Something Free – Drawsome!


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