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Earn to Die - Pimped out ride Zombieland style

Earn to Die - Pimped out ride Zombieland style

Don't we all secretly wish that a Zombie Apocalypse would suddenly break lose? It would be cool to experience a real adventure, running or driving for your life, a never ending adrenaline rush? Of course, this definitely brings along its darker sides and in reality, if it would ever happen, it would look much different. With Earn to Die you'll see the serious, as well as the funny sides of a Zombie attack.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.6 1.0.29

Features & Use

Test device: Samsung Galaxy S2 (I1900G)
Android version: 4.1.2
Root: yes
Available for version 2.1 and up

Skills and racing game in a 2D view? Never heard of this before? This makes me think of ''Hill Climb Racing'', a title that everyone should know. Well the foundation of Earn to Die is based on the same gaming principals as this other well-known game. On the other hand, this new game brings the thrill-factor and diversity to another level right in the middle of an apocalypse.

How can I explain this game the best? Zombies appear and the player needs to survive from level to level? Yep, that's pretty much it!

The whole game is played in side view where you see your vehicle, which appears really big and pimped out right from the get-go. There are various buttons for you to press to get the game going.

In the boarders of the screen, you'll find the gas button which propels you through the zombie-infested territory. There are two more buttons, which will operate the vehicle frontwards and backwards. These are the most important components of the game. Graphically the whole thing looks just alright, though the vehicles are really decked out and you get a real action-packed feeling from the whole thing. On the downside, Zombies and your surroundings lack a great deal of detail.

If your car rolls over and you land on the hood, you're toast. Instead of simply climbing up and down hills like in ''Hill Climb Racing'', this time it's full of blood-thirsty zombies, big and small, who block your way. They slow you down considerably, making it a bumpy road.

After driving a few meters, your gas tank will start emptying. If it goes down to 0, then you're hooped! The level is done. What happens next is that the run-over zombies will be counted and you win some ''money''. But isn't there something missing? Yes indeed! On top of all of this, the player can pimp out their own vehicle. You can also buy completely new and bigger ones. On top of a big tanks, a super boost, new tires and motor, you can also equip your ride with guns and a bumper, which kill the zombies before they have the chance of slowing you down. All in all, there are 8 different levels and after completing each of them, the player is presented with a new vehicle.

Once story mode has been completed, there's a highscore made of the number of needed tries. There also a Halloween and a Champion mode. The first one entails crushing pumpkins. The second one is much more demanding where the player needs to accomplish their best time. I found it really too bad that the story mode goes back to the start when completed. I think it would've been cool for there to be some sort of fun level, where the player could simply squash as many zombies as possible or something along that line.

Bottom Line

Earn to Die brings a really, really cool game concept to the table. I think everyone would really enjoy going on a joy ride in a pimped out vehicle, while destroying zombies. It's cool that you can work on the car again and again, as well as add savage guns. On the other hand, after a few hours of playing the game does become a little repetitive, since it doesn’t offer very much diversity. The problem (unlike Hill Climb Racing) is that constantly pressing on the gas button will get you through the level no problem. If you need more to get to the next level, this is an option that will get you there. I think that the concept behind ''Samurai vs Zombies'' better in this case. Though as an incentive, there is the championship mode. Because of this and the really cool setup, I give this game 4 stars.

Screen & Controls

Earn to Die worked well and was simple to use. The buttons are self-explanatory and need to be used diligently. The menu and graphics work well together, even though it could all be a little more rich in detail.

Speed & Stability

The app worked smoothly and without hinges. Earn to Die didn't crash one single time.

Price/Performance Ratio

Earn to Die costs 1.19 US dollars in the Google Play Store. Though the game concept does get boring after a while, you also get story mode with lots of enhancement options, on top of 2 other game modes. If you aren't sure and don't want to pay just yet, then you can try the lite version first. All in all, I think this game offers a very good price/performance ratio.


Earn to Die - Pimped out ride Zombieland style Earn to Die - Pimped out ride Zombieland style Earn to Die - Pimped out ride Zombieland style Earn to Die - Pimped out ride Zombieland style

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