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This app will speed up your Android experience

This app will speed up your Android experience

One of the key strengths of the Android operating system is its simplicity. Navigating menus is easy, but what if you could do it even easier, even faster? EAS: Easy App Switcher is a shortcut that provides just that.

What is EAS: Easy App Switcher?

EAS is an app that adds a floating icon to your Android display. Its essential function is to let you switch between your two most recently-used apps.

For example, if you are browsing the internet while taking part in a WhatsApp conversation, you can simply tap the button to quickly jump between these two apps. 

androidpit eas one
Add your favorite apps and they will appear if you swipe across the button. / © ANDROIDPIT

Why is it great?

Here's the deal. Without this app, if you wanted to return to a WhatsApp conversation from Chrome, you can't hit the return key (because this will bring you to your previous Chrome page). You need to hit the recent apps menu, and then select WhatsApp. That's fine. But it's also a two-step process. EAS takes it down to one.

The main reason EAS is effective is because it removes one of the navigation steps in Android; tapping this app will switch between both apps in one move. 

EAS also houses an "excluded apps" list, on which you can place apps that will never be switched to by using the app switch button. 

androidpit eas four
If a big, blocked out shortcut doesn't work (left), try a smaller, transparent one (right). / © ANDROIDPIT

This feature is crucial. There are a number of apps or places that don't require constant attention (perhaps a weather app, or the settings menu) that you will open only once, and won't wish to revisit again. 

The beauty of the exclusion list is that you can make it so that those lesser-used apps don't interfere with your two-way shortcut: it will act only on the apps you let it.  

What else can it do?

EAS has another function. Swiping across it will reveal a history of your recently used apps, as well as a shortcut to your favorites (which you can set in the main app menu). What's more, you can also theme the floating icon to an extent: you can adjust its size and transparency to suit your taste.

androidpit eas two
EAS acts as a shortcut to your apps drawer (left) as well as your favorite apps (right). / © ANDROIDPIT

Why it's not great?

One problem with EAS: Easy App Switcher is that, no matter where you put it or what size it is, it can get in the way: this is inherent in all floating apps and I'm yet to see a solution to it. If it could be applied to the bottom shortcuts bar it would be much more preferable (and I'd even prefer this to the recent apps menu, to be honest). 

Additionally, EAS allows you to select different default actions for the button, but not all of them are useful. You can assign it to act as a recent apps key, home key or back key, but selecting one of these is pointless: you have those across the bottom of your phone anyway. It's an easily ignored option, however.

androidpit eas three
The default action (left) should be 'Show previous app'. 'Settings' (right) is a good app to add to the exclusion list. / © ANDROIDPIT

Should I install it?

Yes. It's free and provides a shortcut that you can't achieve with the normal Android interface. It's certainly worth a look, but as with many shortcut apps, it occupies space on the homescreen, which may frustrate some users. Download EAS: Easy App Switcher here.

What shortcut apps would you recommend? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Sara Oct 12, 2016 Link to comment

    This app seems good. But I have installed Purify on my phone, as it works well so I will keep this app.

  • Hello all,
    I am a recently introduced user to smart phones when my Daughter and Son-in-law gave me a second hand model being a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, about 18 months ago. The plan was to take out a pre-paid agreement with a major telephony company in Australia. This I did by purchasing a new 4G chip for the phone, plus $30 worth of phone time. I'll try and cut along story short hear to keep it readable and to the point. This being a smart phone it made decisions about settings that I was not aware of. A lamb for the slaughter. I lost my money time and time again. My wife and I could not work it out. We did operate a wireless LAN at home and I worked out how to get it (the phone that is) connected. This was somewhere about when I started to have trouble with my phone money. It took me a while to find the culprit, finally there it was: the mobile data switch that can used if data processing is being blocked by Wi-Fi data. In this country if you using a Pre-paid service, mobile data is about ten times more expensive than WI-FI. I now have mobile data turned off at my ISP and on my phone. My phone was very difficult to get across that I wanted it off.
    I have trawled for apps, and found some that turn it off but something was turning back on.
    Now; and my journey above lead me to comment on the article for EAS for Easy App Switch. I like the idea of if and it sounds like it might be a type of Launcher app. I have made a lot of mistakes in my short time as an Android hack/user. Yes: I have issues but I have been around the ropes and I am going let this app go through to the keeper (cricketing position and term) and won' t install it the EAS. I can see its benefits I think. I agree with Scott, that it would be better to allow users who take up the app install elsewhere other than on the Home screen.

    • There should be a toggle switch that turns mobile data off, you access this from the pull down navigation bar. You can also turn off mobile background data (the process that allows apps to use mobile data when running in the background).

      Peace ✌

  • 668264

  • Ok

  • Thanks for the tip. Long pressing the icon hides it, so if it's annoying you can make it invisible. It can be reactivated from the notification drawer.
    It seems it's still there while hidden (swiping opens the app list) which is probably a glitch, but it helps.

  • I use Pintasking to switch quickly to the last app (by swiping down from the middle of the notifications bar). It also lets you create a floating shortcut for a particular app, but I find I need this infrequently.

  • I have been using EAS for about a month and LOVE IT. It has transformed the way I use my Galaxy S6 Edge. I can now move between the app I am in and the previous app quickly and easily; I never realized how often I do this many times a day. I can also switch just as fast to my favorite apps. The app is responsive and I have encountered no problems at all. My experience is that EAS was the "missing link" that makes Android a real pleasure to use. It actually fulfills a need I didn't even know I had. Very cool.

    Deactivated Account

  • tired it on my moto g 1st one or more words , its not working. so I uninstalled it , reinstall it still won't work . trash !

  • I use the brilliant App "Floating Toucher" this puts a small (fully customisable) floating button (similar to Samsung Toolbox). Though when you select it you are presented with a expanded option wheel, which you can set your most used apps, or quick access to different settings or toggle options on or off (Bluetooth, wifi, flashlight) you can also assign home screen button, volume, brightness.

    This makes multitasking really easy, you can quickly bring up apps or change settings, I also rarely need to use my actual home button (SgS5) or lock screen button as Floating Toucher has it all in a neat little floating button.

    I believe that there are other similar apps but this was the best in my opinion.

    Peace ✌

    Deactivated Account

  • i'll try this,thanks!

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Feb 27, 2016 Link to comment

    Fantastic! App just tried it right now. Even this app allows to clear files. Now happy.

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Feb 27, 2016 Link to comment

    Thanks! I was looking for multitasking app. I tried pintasking but there was one problem that it didn't allow to clear cache files from file manager. In some phones there is option 'clear junk' in File manager. Let's try & test!

    • Floating Toucher has the option to allow you to clear the cache, it has several quick settings. Though you may require the paid version to fully unlock all the features.

      Peace ✌

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