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Save 20% when you spend £20 or more at eBay with this coupon

For all you AndroidPIT readers in the UK, we've got a great deal for you from eBay. If you spend £20 or more on an item and pay with PayPal, you can save 20 percent up to a maximum discount of £50. If you're making a purchase soon, take advantage of this great offer. Find out all the details below. 

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What do you want to buy with this great eBay offer? / © eBay

Coupon Details

  • Coupon: 20% off when you spend £20 or more at eBay.
  • Coupon Code: CTWENTY (use it here)
  • Country Available: UK
  • Minimum spend: £20
  • Maximum Discount: £50
  • Coupon Dates: 15th June from 6am – Midnight


  • PayPal Purchases only
  • One use per PayPal account
  • Discount excludes postage

Head over to eBay now to cash in on this great offer. 

Are you going to take advantage of these savings? Let us know what you buy in the comments below.




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  • Great ways suggested. Informative and interesting thank you for sharing.

  • That's bad eBay !!!

  • Made a purchase of £44:99 at 13:40 on 15/06/2015, entered Discount Code 'CTWENTY' as advised, after confirming BUY, received message "There is no balance left on this redemption code". This Code was supposed to run 'til Midnight 15/06/2015, it seems Midnight comes early for Ebay, these days.
    Very disappointed by the Deception, thanks for nothing Ebay, will be more wary next time..........

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