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Eerie Detective Thriller Murdered: Soul Suspect Lives on NVIDIA SHIELD
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Eerie Detective Thriller Murdered: Soul Suspect Lives on NVIDIA SHIELD

It’s probably fair to say that most of us, regardless of our beliefs or lack thereof, would like to slip off this mortal coil quietly and peacefully with a feeling that we have no unfinished business. Unfortunately, when Detective Ronan O’Connor meets his untimely end, he finds he’s still stuck in his day job in Murdered: Soul Suspect, which is now available to stream on NVIDIA SHIELD via GeForce NOW.

Detective O'Connor is murdered but that's where his adventure begins. / © Airtight Games

Having been on the trail of the notorious Bell Killer for some time Ronan finally corners his foe on the top floor of an apartment block and attempts to capture him. In the ensuing struggle Ronan is thrown from the window to the street below. While our protagonist fights to maintain consciousness, the Bell Killer exits the building and proceeds to fill Ronan with lead thus putting an end to the beleaguered cop. But rather than this being the end it is merely the beginning of his adventure.

Having passed on, O’Connor encounters the spirit of his wife who died many years before and she tells him, rather upsettingly, that they cannot be together until he has finished what he started. This involves finally catching the Bell Killer, and so O’Connor finds himself trapped, still very much present in the real world but not in any meaningful physical sense.

Detective O'Connor must finish the Bell Killer case before he can be reunited with his wife. / © Airtight Games

For the player this is a bewildering set of circumstances and initially progression is simply a case of wandering around encountering other spirits who also inhabit this dreamlike space. O’Connor couldn’t apprehend the Bell Killer when he was alive so capturing him while dead is his ultimate struggle in Murdered: Soul Suspect.

But gradually, through these spirit encounters you learn that your ghostly form carries with it some decidedly useful abilities. Many buildings in the environment – which is a stunningly eerie combination of mundane, real-world structures and ethereal echoes of another realm – are consecrated and thus remain out of bounds to Ronan unless he can find a convenient window or open door to pass through. But anything that is not consecrated, Ronan can move through freely.

Detective O'Connor can move through non-consecrated real-world structures. / © Airtight Games

The inability of living people to see or hear you enables you wander around crime scenes familiarizing yourself with what might have happened and coming across important clues. In fact it’s the discovery of important clues that is paramount to successfully finishing a particular scene. Ronan also has the ability to possess living characters and this is where his biggest strength lies. Take possession of a detective and you can scan his notebook for possible leads to important clues. Possess a witness who is being questioned by the cops and you can subtly coerce them to reveal clues about the murderer or the crime that will guide the investigation the way you want it to go. And generally just possessing characters as a matter of course enables you to eavesdrop on important conversations and gradually build up a picture of what’s going on and how all this came about in the first place.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an innovative mystery adventure that’s well written, genuinely moving and brought to life by a distinct visual style with an eerie beauty that perfectly conjures up O’Connor’s state of limbo. Stream Murdered: Soul Suspect on NVIDIA SHIELD now with a membership to GeForce NOW (free for three months and just $7.99/month after that).


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  • I was pleasantly surprised by this game when I played it through on Steam. It's a little silly in parts, but I was entertained throughout.

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      Developers first priority is to keep the gamer engage at any cost.

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