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Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD – Mental Exercises

Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD – Mental Exercises

Games that help give your brain a workout – be it gentle or thorough – are a dime a dozen, but over the last years this type of game has improved quite a bit.

After I had a bit of trouble working out a simple equation a few weeks ago, I felt it was high time I did some mental exercises. I scanned the Market for an aid to help train arithmetic, logical thinking, memory capacity, etc. and came across an app that promised brilliant graphics and was recommend by doctors to boot.

Read on to find out more about Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD.



Reviewed version Latest version
1.0.5 1.5.1

Features & Use

Test device: 
-Samsung Galaxy Nexus 4.1.2

Einstein (in cartoon form) is there to welcome you as soon as you dive into the app. He and his wee assistant inform you about the game's rules and reward you with points.

You should set up a user account seeing as the app can be used by several users, which is rather convenient when it comes to tablets. Once that is down you can get started with your daily training which will help assess your initial level. It's recommend you do these exercises every day, though this is entirely up to you. The different categories are: logic, memory, calculations, observation.
Each category has six exercises, making 24 in total. This should make for a varied brain workout.

Every time you complete an exercise you will be able to check how you did using the table that automatically pops up. It displays your correct and incorrect answers as well as calculates your score using the time it took to answer all of the questions. You can compare how you did in regards to previous times and when you do really well you receive a trophy.

I find the exercises to be nicely designed and varied enough to keep me interested. I personally also enjoy the graphics.

What I didn't like so much: there's a small mistake in the Rock-paper-scissors category and sometimes correct answers are judged as incorrect which pulls the overall score down in an arbitrary way. Let's hope the developers see to this issue ASAP!

Once you've done several sets of daily exercises why not let Einstein reveal the statistics so that you can see how you've progressed and which areas you still need to work on.

There's a multiplayer mode in which two to four people can test and compare their brains at once.

Bottom line:

Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD has a lot to offer: four categories of useful, challenging exercises that help stimulate certain ways of thinking, though our jury's on on whether using this app will actually make your brain quicker.

Some drawbacks: there's no option for switching off the sound effects meaning you have to dial down the volume manually.
Also, keep in mind that the app is a hefty 163 MB, meaning it will take up a fair amount of storage and battery power, and it might begin to sputter if your internet connection is not particularly good.


Screen & Controls

The Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD controls are excellent and there's a savvy Einstein character that explains everything along the way.

I personally also like the graphics a lot.

The drawbacks: the audio can't be switched off internally (though of course you can always simply dial down the volume) and the UI can sometimes become quite laggy. The Android back button is also somewhat faulty in the sense that rather than going back it shuts down the entire app.


Speed & Stability

Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD is a large app which means that it will take a short while to load and use a lot of battery power.


Price/Performance Ratio

Einstein™ Brain Trainer HD usually goes for EUR 2.99 but as our app of the week we are pleased to bring you a special offer for only EUR 1.79. It's a fair price either wayy when you consider what the app has to offer. With that said, we did point out some mistakes within the app, so bear those in mind if you're thinking about buying the Brain Trainer.

If you're curious you are also welcome to check out the free version.


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