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EMERGENCY - finally available on Android!
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EMERGENCY - finally available on Android!

The emergency-type game is one of Europe's and especially Germany's best known game series. For some time now, there has been a mobile version of EMERGENCY for iPad. Now its finally available for Android users to enjoy! How good is this game on mobile devices? You'll find out in today's app test review!


Reviewed version Latest version
1.0 ?

Features & Use

Test devices

Samsung Galaxy S3
Android version 4.1.2
root: yes
modifications: no

network communication
system tools

Authorization bottom line
There were no abnormalities in this app's authorization.

The emergency series has existed for PCs since the late nineties and is a real oldie. The emergency game has to do with steering ambulances and taking control of crashes, catastrophes and crisis situations. The Android version was really well made and you get the feel for the old emergency game right away. But how does this game work? A submarine explodes in the harbor and the fire-fighting boats need to put out the fire, while a motorboat tries to bring the injured to safety. These victims need to be stabilized on land and finally put into an ambulance and brought to the hospital. On top of that, you have to make sure that the firetrucks don't also catch on fire.

Lots of what's going on in EMERGENCY is really more simple in comparison to real life, but the principal is the same. You have other emergencies like a car crash on a foggy night which causes a lot of casualties. The firemen first have to struggle through the ice to get to them. All the missions have to do with crashes and how you deal with them, be it a terrorist attack on the president or a forest fire. There are many different types of rescue cars and trucks to complete various tasks. Once you've taken a look at the situation, you have to coordinate the emergency crew. You will always get more points if you accomplish everything promptly. A successful rescue mission is when everything is dealt with peacefully and no one gets killed.

Bottom Line

EMERGENCY is a really well-made mobile version of the known series. The 13 missions worked smoothly and offered many different scenarios. The difficulty could be just a tad harder.

Screen & Controls

EMERGENCY graphics remind me of a classic strategy game. It is two-dimensional, yet is very detailed and looked sharp on my Galaxy Note 2. The controls worked well with the touch screen.

Speed & Stability

There were no problems and EMERGENCY ran smoothly.

Price/Performance Ratio

EMERGENCY costs 2.69 Euros in the Google Play Store.


EMERGENCY - finally available on Android! EMERGENCY - finally available on Android! EMERGENCY - finally available on Android! EMERGENCY - finally available on Android!

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